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My 2016 beard care guide for men

Is your fabulous facial hair always well-groomed or does your full winter beard need a good wash and brush-up?

 Are you are a well-groomed Alpha male with a neat moustache and a well-trimmed beard, or do you need to brush-up on your grooming habits for the New Year? I have written the ultimate beard care guide and my unique 2016 beard care guide will help you to keep your fashionable facial hair looking neat, clean and stylish.

The beard is back with a bang, but beard styles vary, so it’s important to choose a facial hair style that suits your face shape. For starters, let’s run through the different types of beard:

Popular Beard Styles include:

. The full beard
. The Goatee and moustache and the extended goatee
. The Balbo
. The mutton chops and the friendly mutton chops
. The chin strip and the chin strip and moustache
. The soul patch
. The chin curtain

At this point I’m guessing some of you know little or nothing about these beard style sets, but these are all fashionable styles of beard that can change your appearance and make your face look young and fresh. But for now, it’s time to chat about the pros and cons of facial hair.

Facial hair – The Pros

A big bushy manly moustache filters pollen and dust, so a little sexy facial hair can help combat allergies and benefit asthma sufferers. Friends may be quick to tell you to shave off the warm fuzz that drives women wild and hides your double chin, but little do they know, that covering of fashionable facial hair is helping to keep wrinkles and spots at bay. We all know that an itchy shaving rash can drive you insane, so why not grow a beard and give your electric shaver a rest?

Beard Cons

Friends may complain when you first start to grow your beard, but ignore them, your male friends will probably be in awe of your award winning beard. But remember, that awesome new facial hair is going to make you hot in more ways than one! A winter beard will keep your face warm, but a summer beard will make your body temperature soar. However, if you grow a beard you will have to learn how to take care of it. OK, it’s just a little facial hair, but it must be trimmed, washed, groomed and conditioned.

The next section of my beard care guide is going to cover beard maintenance and popular beard grooming products:

Maintain and Shape your Facial Hair

Grow a full beard and you won’t have to shave every day, but you will have to wash those whiskers regularly. Wash your beard often to keep it soft, full, in control and in good condition. Shampoo the beard with a drop of Grizzly Adam beard wash and follow-up by using a drop of quality beard conditioner. Buy premium beard oil, such as the Grizzly Adam beard oil and use it daily to keep your beard shiny and healthy. Why use beard oil? The best beard oils encourage growth, tame unruliness, make whiskers shine and strengthen the facial hair. So, you find it hard to believe that dirty beards smell? Well, food and dirt nests in beards, moustaches and facial hair, so in reality, an unwashed beard can smell like a dead rat. OK, move on, now it’s time to comb your freshly washed beard into shape. You don’t need to buy a fancy beard comb, a simple wooden Grizzly Adam beard comb is ideal. Apply a little beard oil to your facial hair and run the sturdy, straight wooden comb through your whiskers. Use the comb and a dab of beard wax to introduce shape and detail to your beard.

Now, I’ve bought plenty of beard care kits in the past and some beard grooming kits are better than others. The average male grooming kit contains beard shampoo, beard wax, beard control, beard conditioner, a tub of moustache wax, moustache and beard combs, beard and moustache scissors and precision trimmers. I am writing an unbiased beard care guide and I recommend you buy grooming products and shavers that suit your needs.

Some men will grow a full beard and leave it untrimmed, but most men who grow facial hair want their beard to look well-groomed, so you will have to add male grooming products to your shopping list. Occasionally, you will need to shave your neck and trim the edges of your beard. I have read hundreds of beard grooming tips, so I have learned how to trim my own facial hair. So, what kit do you need to trim and shape a beard?

Popular Beard Trimming Tools:

. Mirror and comb
. Grooming scissors
. Cartridge razors
. Disposable razors
. Safety razors
. Beard trimmers
. Shaving brush
. Shaving soap

Trimming your Beard

Wash the facial hair and pat it dry with a clean towel. Comb your whiskers and trim the beard with electric clippers. Fix a Snap-On safely guard to the clipping tool to avoid cutting the hair too short. Use the beard trimmers to trim your facial hair and moustache. Apply some shaving soap to your neck and the skin underneath your chin, use your fingers to work the soap into lather, and then use the clippers or a razor to shave away unwanted hair. Use quality beard trimming scissors to remove stray hair or to shape a lengthy beard.

I Hope you find my beard care guide useful. My 2016 beard care guide for men is aimed at all who want to keep their facial hair looking smart and stylish in 2016.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

How to get a Disney World Package

By Pam Yellow

If you are thinking of taking your children to a vacation somewhere, I would recommend that you take them to Disney World. If they have actually never been there before in their lives then it is even more important that you prepare a trip out this year to take them there.

If you are fretted about the fact that you will not have anything to do at Disney Globe which it is only a location for kids then I could assure you that you have a totally wrong viewpoint about what truly goes on there. Disney World is an incredible place that allows both children in addition to their moms and dads to partake in tasks together that they will both have the ability to take pleasure in.

It is the very best location to take your household to if you are thinking about going on a holiday. In fact, if you are seeking a Disney World Package which will enable you to get a number of attributes such as stay, food and tasks at a practical price, you can quickly find such a plan online. If you have a team of people choosing you such as your pals, you could easily go for even greater Disney World Packages that will offer you with more perks. Do not forget that a Disney World Vacation will permit you to spend some quality time with your household and if you have even more people with you then you will have double the fun.

There are lots of websites that will provide you with details about some of the bundles that are offered to interested households. Generally, if you are thinking of going throughout the peak season, it might be challenging for you to discover an inexpensive package deal. Nevertheless, if you intend on going throughout off-season, I make certain that you will quickly be able to knock of a substantial quantity of money.

The very best part about choosing a package deal is that it offers you with every little thing that you require and while you exist, it will not seem to you as if you are investing money on each and every single thing. Therefore, these holiday package deals are wonderful!

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search for the cheapest way to travel

It is no surprise; tourism has become an extremely popular industry. There are more people traveling then ever before, more often, and they are traveling further and further away from home. As tourism becomes more popular, more and more companies are associated with tourism. To prove this, all one has to do is type in the word "tourism" while on the internet to see how popular it really is.
There are several fairly new types of businesses that help people with their travel needs. These can be found online as people try to search for the cheapest way to travel. This way of making travel plans has gained in popularity over several years, but is still relatively new compared with how long tourism has been around.
Another industry within tourism is travel agencies, which help people to plan their trips, either for business or for pleasure. While these agencies are not new, their capabilities and information may be, as they continue to change with the new additions in the business.
Then there are those businesses that are not new, in fact they are as old as travel itself. These businesses produce maps. While maps have certainly changed over the years, in order to keep up with new technology, they have always been a constant with the travel and tourism industry.
People love to travel, they love to experience new places, and now that it has become more affordable compared to decades earlier, and it is more popular then ever. No matter how popular it gets, and no matter how many things change in the tourism industry, travel maps will always be in the center.

Every business that deals with travel and tourism will have maps available to their clients. Each map may be very different from one another and vary greatly in the information they provide, but they are all forms of maps intended to help the person who is traveling.
Tourism is exciting and can be educational. The best way to make the most of any type of travel is to become familiar with maps, and when they are given, it is always a good idea to study them.
Many people will collect maps and then later decide to travel to a particular destination based on the information contained on the map.
As the travel and tourism industry has grown, so have the variety and means available for obtaining maps. Where as just a short time ago internet maps were unheard of, now they are a very popular resource for travelers. There is also new technology with maps that allow people to use satellite type maps, eliminating the need for more traditional paper maps.
Tourism is exciting as well as educational, depending on the places traveled. The best way to make the most of any type of travel is to become familiar with maps, and when they are given, it is always a good idea to study them, mark them, and know where you want to go and what you will do upon arrival. These things will make the difference between an enjoyable or stressful trip.

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City Breaks in Berlin - Get the Most From Your Weekend

By Steve Alexander

More than twenty years after the fall of the Berlin wall, the city has blossomed into a capital of cool, with museums, galleries, opera and fashion to rival any of its European sisters. Now it is one of the most popular city break destinations in Europe, popular for its eclectic blend of deep set twentieth century history, German traditions and buzzing nightlife.

The legacy of the first and second world wars is an obvious element of British tourists travelling to Germany and a two night trip is plenty long enough for seeing this part of our own history from the other side. One must-see sight is the Holocaust Memorial, which is a sobering experience in a city that now flourishes.

Public transport in Berlin is fantastic, making it easy to hop between destinations, while it is also easy to whizz around by bicycle, taking in the city scenery as you go. Sights such as the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie and the last remnants of the Berlin wall turn the city into a history book, with landmarks and stories around every corner.

Berlin transforms into a city of lights once the sun has gone down, with locals and tourists gathering together in bars for evening beers. Totally perfect for a bit of a weekend party, Berlin is one of the newest clubbing capitals of Europe, known for its huge warehouse parties that run long into the night and early hours.

There are a huge number of places to stay in Berlin, close to different parts of the action. The five star Ellington Hotel, for example, is placed well for some shopping, near to the KaDeWe department store, while the Radisson Blu is set in the historical heart of the city, opposite Museum island and on the banks of the river Spree - and only a short walk from the Brandenburg Gate, which makes navigating very easy.

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The Safest Way To Travel

By Shannon L Smith

Air India Air Mauritius Austrian Airline Cathay Pacific China Southern Airlines Continental Airlines Gulf Air Jet Airways Etihad Airways Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines are some of the airlines that have code-share partnerships with Malaysia Airlines. Malaysia Airlines have joined the most special team of world airlines being ranked as a 5-Star airline by the aviation rating company Skytrax. The globe airline celebrity ranking show applies quality analysis for more than 375 airlines around the entire world score the requirements of each airline's front-line item and solution.

Air India Air Mauritius Austrian Airline Cathay Pacific China Southern Airlines Continental Airlines Gulf Air Jet Airways Etihad Airways Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines are some of the airlines that have code-share partnerships with Malaysia Airlines. Malaysia Airlines has joined the most exclusive group of world airlines being ranked as a 5-Star airline by the aviation rating organisation Skytrax. There are just four airlines in the world that merit this prestigious 5-Star accolade and we are delighted to be in this coterie that represents the very best in air travel today. It is a great honor because it is such a world-class award. The world airline star ranking programme applies quality assessment for more than 375 airlines across the globe rating the standards of each airline's front-line product and service.

MAS airline signed a code-share agreement with 25 airlines that include seven from Star Alliance four from Sky Team and two from One World. Air India, Air Mauritius, Austrian Airline, Cathay Pacific, China Southern Airlines, Continental Airlines, Gulf Air, Jet Airways, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines are some of the airlines that have code-share partnerships with Malaysia Airlines.

MAS internet booking framework moreover makes the traveling treatment effortless for passengers. MAS online reservation gives very easy rand trusted air travel and also transport solution that place amongst the very best in terms of security comfort as well as punctuality.

By accessing the official web portal of the airline you can acquire the details of ticketing. All you have to do is to enter the date of travel the source city; destination class of travel and the number of passengers accompanying. The payments are accepted online via credit or debit cards and the ticket is confirmed instantly. Mas online booking structure moreover makes the travelling procedure easier for passengers. Mas online booking provides easy rand reliable air travel and transport service that rank among the best in terms of safety comfort and punctuality.

Where to visit in Ireland is also a great resource for traveling to the Celtic isle!

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