Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Important Camping Gear You Will Always Need

By Tiffany Ellis

A fun camping trip will be as good as you make. If you forget some of the necessities that you must have, the trip will be harder right from the start. Make a well thought out check list before you start packing and you will be less likely to forget anything essential. The tent is by far from the only important things you will need for a great camping experience.

Every camping trip needs a first aid kit. This could end up being the most helpful equipment you take. Camping can be filled with all kinds of opportunities for accidents and even illness that you won't expect, but can easily happen. You always need a bright lantern in case anything happened in the night and you must be able to see well.

Chairs are usually brought along for comfort, but they are actually a much safer and more comfortable choice than sitting on the ground. They will help keep the insect from getting you so easily. You always need a grill and perhaps a rotisserie for over the fire. Many campers prefer camp cooking this way, but it is still a good idea to bring along a camping stove just in case you have a problem with getting a fire started.

Having an air bed that you can inflate easily will make it a lot more pleasant when you are trying to sleep. Having to sleep on the cold and hard ground is not many people's idea of a good time and will often contribute to making you cranky and ill. No one wants to have to deal with a cranky camper so a sleeping bag alone might not be the best answer for some.

Also put a tent fan and a tent light on your check list. You will not enjoy waking up with a bug on you somewhere and not be able to see it or find it! The tent fan will just make if easier to sleep if it is really hot. Every camper's check list needs to be personalized because what one person could do without another person might absolutely must have. Having everything you really need with you will just make your camping more fun and enjoyable.

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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Profitable Sports Gambling Begins With Discipline

By Ross Everett

I get some of my best sports gambling concepts from non-sports gambling books. That's not really surprising, since there are so few serious works addressing sports handicapping and gambling. Of all the various gambling related disciplines, sports gambling is perhaps the most complex. The paucity of written work on the subject is downright shameful in light of that fact. Since there's so little specific literature available some of the best theoretical resources available to the serious sports gambler can be found in books written for the serious poker player.

Poker literature is especially applicable to the sports handicapper because both can be very profitable for a knowledgeable, experienced and skillful pro. Poker expert Bob Caro has noted that while there are a number of professional gamblers specializing in poker and sports wagering there's not a single person who can honestly say they play roulette for a living.

Great poker resources

The simple fact is that the house edge in roulette cannot be overcome by any combination of skill, experience and/or discipline. When you win, it is because you get lucky. When you lose, its because you didnt get lucky. To add another Caro concept to the equation, the decisions that the player makes when playing roulette simply dont matter"at least in terms of overcoming the theoretical edge enjoyed by the house. In the long term, it doesnt matter whether you choose red or black, odd or even, or certain numbers. You may get lucky with your choices or you may not, but these decisions do not impact the house edge one iota.

Caro stresses the paramount importance of discipline to a poker player's long term success and profitability. It's important to keep in mind that to succeed as a professional gambler that you need to approach a trip to the casino with a diametrically opposite mindset to that of the recreational gambler. A recreational gambler heads to the casino to *avoid* discipline and 'unwind'. The professional uses discipline to his advantage.

Caro's emphasis on discipline in poker is also true for the serious sports gambler. The foundation of a professional sports bettor's long term success is to approach it with the same discipline, rigor and professionalism that he would any other job. If you continue to think about it in the same terms as the recreational gambler does, you're in for a difficult road. The more seriousness that you bring to your sports betting, the higher the likelihood that you'll be successful.

This isn't to say that there's anything wrong with being a recreational sports gambler. In fact, those of us who do this professionally *need* recreational players--they're the financial lifeblood of the casino and sportsbook industry. Handicapping sports would be pretty pointless without a bookmaker to take our bets.

If your goal is to bet recreationally, that's great. Unless you have the dedication, desire and discipline to approach it at a profession a recreational approach to gambling is ultimately better for most people. You might benefit from some greater money management discipline, but at the end of the day as long as you don't bet more than you can afford to lose it's really no big deal.

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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Camping And Snowmobiling

By Wayne Torres

The adventures of snowmobiling can also be mixed in with the fun and independence of a camping trip.

Sleeping in the outdoors can be extremely discomforting for some considering you risk the chances of frostbite or hypothermia out there.

If you think the cold temperatures when you go snowmobiling during the day is uncomfortable, you better believe that the night hours are worse without the warm sun beaming down on you.

As tough as winter camping may seem, it can still be a very fun and adventurous time as long as you make sure to take some precautions.

Don't get caught up in all the excitement of a winter excursion too early as there is plenty of planning that is necessary.

Doing research about the areas you plan to visit and the winter seasonal conditions in those regions should be foremost in your planning so you can bring the appropriate equipment to stay safe.

There are several important factors that you should be aware of for your upcoming camping trip. Average snow activity, planned routes, as well as the experience of your fellow campers are just some of them.

For example, having children with no experience in your group will need a lot different planning than a group with fully experienced adults.

Overnight camping, especially during the winter seasons, can cause your body to lose heat at exponential rates. This can be a great danger if the proper precautions are not taken care of during the planning stages.

Thermal clothing is a must when you snowmobile during the days and afternoons and they play a very important role when you plan to camp in cold weather as well.

It is also important to use the layering method. The idea behind this method is to wear several loose layers of clothing, each layer providing more insulation for the body.

Layering also makes it easier to remove clothing if the body begins to overheat. A body that is sweating will likely dehydrate and lose heat much quicker than a body that is dry.

Of course, make sure that you and your group bring a good amount of food with you. Although things like marshmallows are a popular item, winter campers especially need to include nourishing foods.

Since appetites lessen during cold weather, the food you take with you should be appealing so you are sure to get enough nutrition to keep you moving throughout the day.

Dried and baked goods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, such as oatmeal, granola, and cheese are ideal components for a winter campers diet.

Camping and snowmobiling can lead to a great time for all groups but it will take some careful packing and planning. Do so and you can enjoy it many times over.

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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Planning Your Next Great Golfing Vacation-3 Tips To Help You Out

By Billy G. Willminghelm Sr.

If you are an avid golfer you may also be an avid traveler who likes to experience new golf courses all the time. Of course the probability is that you could just be the type of person who dreams of playing on many of the world's top-rated courses. Regardless of your situation it's probably safe to say that traveling and playing courses around the different regions of the country will be a memorable experience. These three tips below may help you decide which golf or travel package is best for you the next time you are planning a vacation.

1. When you are talking about packing up your golf clubs, balls, and tees and buying tickets to a golfing hot spot of your choice you probably want to experience the best courses possible in your destination. A great idea to follow when planning your next golf getaway is to contact a local VIP Company or Service provider who has experience helping golfers arrange a day on the links. VIP companies and services can definitely help you save some money and get the best deals.

2. So what exactly is a great deal when you are planning on playing a professional golf course? There are multiple items to keep in mind actually. One of the main things is to see what all of your package options are for a hotel, air tickets, and rounds of golf. A VIP company that has experience and is good at what they do will easily be able to offer a number of golf packages for any of the local top-rated courses.

3. What about getting tee times, scheduling your golfing days, and making the arrangements? Your complete package should include these listed items plus some extras as well. Getting information about all the amenities and arrangements that will be included in your package is important so make sure your VIP company can give you these. A good VIP service may also have some suggestions you could use. These VIP companies will be able to share advice such as which clubhouses are the best and they will even be able to give you some advice on what courses offer the best amenities.

Get in touch with an experience VIP Company if you are planning your next winter golf trip so you can be sure to get on the nicest courses. When you finally get in contact with a travel representative from the VIP company it would be a good idea to keep the three tips above in mind. Just an added piece of advice, you can find good packages from anywhere between $300-$3000 depending on how much of a high roller you are or want to be with your golf trip. Now all you have to do is go out and hit some balls and enjoy the course on your next golf vacation.

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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Easy Backpacking Camping Gear Advice

By Jason Jones

When setting out on our adventures we have to have specific backpacking camping gear items on the list, which will be highly dependent on the type of trip planned. Knowledge pays dividends before choosing essential backpacking gear for camping and hiking.

We make a few priorities before setting out on the trail, that includes choosing a suitable sleep system, cook system, tents for camping, and the important hiking and backpacking essential items. Before setting out we get this right to prevent coming home early of the trail with our tail in between our legs. We want to be heading home to tell the family what a fantastic adventure we just had, with an overwhelming desire to do it again.

System For Sleeping: The sleeping system we need will require an air mattress or sleeping pad and camping sleeping bag that will be compact enough and as lightweight as possible to use the least room possible inside our backpack. An air mattress will protect a camper from the floor, offering comfort whilst giving insulation between the floor and sleeping bag. Foam sleeping pads may provide less comfort than an air mattress, although they cost less and are lighter than others. However, an air mattress for camping provides more comfort and can be more compact. When buying a sleeping bag we choose a temperature rating and decide the shape and style we want, with the most popular being a mummy style bag. We can choose an ultralight sleeping bag, lightweight and choose various materials used that includes the warmer more compact down fill sleeping bag.

Backpacking cook system: The best backpacking stove, cookware and camping food we plan to eat will need to meet the needs for what we wish to pack, and the weight we are willing to carry whilst being efficient. There is a wide range of stoves available that include home made backpack stoves for the gramme counters to the Jetboil cooking system for those that want a rapid boil within 2 minutes. The conditions the camping stove will used in and the fuels suitable will determine a choice here. Backpacking camp food will need to be basic, and weigh as little as possible with the ability to stay fresh. Many will go with a basic food kit and use dried food or oatmeal to get the much needed energy restoration.

Backpack Tents: Our tent is the most important piece of kit we will take backpacking and hiking, so lets choose well. Some want a basic shelter that may just be a tarp shelter, bivouac or camping hammock, whilst others want comfort and room to store gear. Its kind of nice to have a vestibule to store boots and gear for camping, i must admit. Investing in a quality tent is important and will pay long term for your backpacking needs. Its a good idea to buy at the mid range price tag, which is from about $200-$300, that should get a good quality camping tent.

Essential backpacking items: The listed backpacking camping gear items above are essential and necessary. We just have to choose from what suits our backpacking needs the best. Essential items for hiking will include a camping first aid kit, map and compass, GPS for hiking and a fire lighter. The best way to determine what essential items to take is by preparing a backpacking list to check of the essential backpacking items needed and eliminate those that are not, based on the conditions and place we will be going.

Note: The backpacking camping gear we decide to take will depend on the weather conditions we will face, our budget and weight allowance. However, investing in the best backpacking gear your money can buy is highly recommended, but research, research, and research.

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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Inside Information On The Cheapest Times Of The Year To Travel

By Adriana Noton

During these tough economic times, many people have had find ways to cut down on the activities that give them the greatest pleasure. For many people, traveling is one activity that can often seem like a leisure endeavor which is too expensive to pursue. However, the good news is that traveling does not have to be expensive when you have a bit of travel inside information. In recent years, there have been many inside information secrets revealed that have shown that with a little knowledge, anyone can travel and stay within their budget. Knowing the cheapest times of year to travel is one of those little travel secrets.

Traveling during high season is the most expensive time to travel. Travelers will end up paying the highest price for their vacations. Not only are flights more expensive, beaches are more overcrowded, lines for attractions and activities are longer, and tropical destinations are uncomfortably hot. Tickets purchased during the low season, will be the cheapest. The weather will be more temperate, there will be fewer crowds, and hotel and resorts will be much less expensive. This season is referred to as the 'shoulder season.'

The shoulder season is the time of the year that falls at the beginning and end of the high season. During the shoulder season, flights, accommodations, and vacation packages, are greatly discounted. As well, the weather is still beautiful. An important tip to choosing the best time during the shoulder season to travel is to make sure that you pick the time that is closest to the high season. As well, avoid holidays which includes school holidays, and the other 'understandably busy' times to travel. The result will be substantial savings.

There are other important points to remember when selecting a vacation time during the shoulder season. For instance, ski resort destinations will usually open near the end of November, but people do not usually begin to take their ski vacations until the week of Christmas. You will save a lot of money if you take your ski vacation early in November or in mid-December. As well, the slopes will be much less crowded, the waiting period to get a lift will be shorter, and lift passes and equipment rentals will be cheaper. As well, late March or the beginning of April is the best time to save on a ski vacation. If the Mediterranean is your vacation choice, choosing late September or early October will save you money. Whatever destination you choose, make sure you check the weather conditions to make sure you do not vacation during tumultuous weather times such as hurricane season.

Traveling to fun and exciting destinations and exotic hot spots is a popular way to relax and forget about life's stresses for a little while. There are many cheap travel sites online that will help you find a flight and offer great prices during the shoulder and off travel season. By knowing a few of the travel insider tips on the cheapest times to travel, you be able to have a fun and memorable vacation that will not break your budget.

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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Enjoy Betting on The World Cup 2010 With This Amazing Tactic of Increasing Your Potential Winning Returns by 44%

Spirit of "66, football's coming home……… yes it's that time in the calendar where the British, well English at least, ask that same question that has been repeated for the last 40 years…………….. can an England team win another World Cup!! As a man of leisure and a lover of the game I will certainly be watching as many games as possible and of course hoping England win!

The pundits and bookmakers seem to think that under the guidance of the Italian Fabio Capello they have a solid chance of progressing in the very least to the latter stages. England are currently third favourites behind Spain, who finally delivered the promise of silverware by winning in Euro 2008, and World Cup stalwarts Brazil. 

Not withstanding England supporters the vast majority of genuine football fans would vote their dream final as between Spain and Brazil. Who could blame them then when you consider how many individual star players at League Club level come from these two nations.

This years' tournament kicks off on Friday 11th June with the host nation South Africa taking on Mexico. It will also be a lucrative betting event for bookmakers with matches being shown live on the TV and beamed around the globe. As a result many of the bookmakers have "special offers" to entice you to place your bets with them and by utilising these we can improve the profitability and returns on our betting activities whilst enjoying the show.

Now everyone has their own take on who will win but the majority of pundits have narrowed down the 2010 World Cup winners to one of three teams, Spain, Brazil and England. Without being unpatriotic an England win would seem the unlikeliest of the three given that both Spain and Brazil have comprehensively outplayed them, albeit in friendly matches fairly recently.

That leaves the two favourites, not rocket science but by placing our bets in a certain way we can improve our potential profitability by 44%. This is the "Edge" that strategic betting can provide. In this example it is achieved by using a couple of bookmaker offers:-

SKYBET – will refund all losing bets in the outright winner market if England wins the World Cup.

STAN JAMES – will refund all losing bets in the outright winner market if Spain wins the World Cup.
(No affiliate links) ( im not interested in getting you to sign up for a bookmaker- just giving out real valuable content :) hope thats ok) 

We place our bets 

SPAIN to WIN World Cup @ 4/1 with SKYBET
BRAZIL to WIN World Cup @ 9/2 with STAN JAMES.

By combining these simple bets with a couple of bookmaker offers we have improved our average potential return on investment by 44%.

Marathon Training Schedule For Beginners

By Richard Stokes

If you would like to train for your very first marathon then it is essential you know exactly how to train. The main reason for this is that you can harm your body if you begin running for your marathon the wrong way. What most very first time marathon runners do is over-train in the initial stages of the marathon preparation.

The main reason for this is that their motivation levels are usually very elevated and they believe that the way to get fitter is to go out and train lots of miles. Training a lot of kilometers will get you fitter than if you lay around the house and do nothing. Nevertheless there is a correct and a not correct way to get those critical miles into your legs.

If you are like most marathon runners who are training for their very first ever marathon then you'll start training a lot of miles and wonder why you start obtaining niggling injuries. The main reason for this really is that your entire body is not yet ready to train a lot of kilometers. The best method to begin training for the marathon is to improve your mileage slowly. To do this you ought to begin to track how many kilometers you're training every week. Then you definitely ought to increase your total weekly mileage gradually. For example if you have elevated your grand total weekly mileage to 25 kilometers per week then you should aim to train 26-27 miles within the following week.

The concept right here would be to just increase your mileage by around ten percent each 7 days. Should you follow this marathon running routine to slowly improve your total weekly mileage then you definitely should not get any debilitating injuries in your marathon preparation. However, you ought to also split your training sessions into longer and short runs simply because this is usually the most effective way to put miles into your legs. What most marathon runners do is usually a long run sometime on the weekend. This really is where you'll get your greatest fitness levels from. This long marathon training session ought to then be followed up by a rest day in order to give your muscles the chance to recover from the hard session they've just carried out. You should also incorporate a semi-long marathon training session into your marathon training plan. Most marathon runners do this session mid-week, usually on a Wednesday.

Either side of this semi-long marathon training session you ought to also do two shorter training runs so you maintain putting critical miles into your legs. Most newbie marathoners who get past the very first couple of months of training for their marathon also make the mistake of running right up until their marathon race. Then they speculate why they feel tired and lethargic on the day of their race. A better way would be to aim to peak your marathon running around three weeks before your actual race. The reason for this really is so that you can then incorporate a taper period into your running program. If you do this taper period into your running plan then you will be fully recovered after the months of marathon running that you have just completed. Some beginner marathoners believe the taper period isn't worthwhile putting in their marathon running plan.

Nevertheless it is near impossible to get any fitter within the last month before your marathon. That is why it's essential to put in a taper phase into your marathon training program. It'll leave your legs and body feeling fresh and rested around the day of your marathon race. By following a marathon training routine that's particularly designed for newbie marathoners then you're giving yourself the very best chance of finishing your marathon race. Obviously it'll not guarantee that you will cross the finish line, however if you are cautious then you'll most likely avoid getting injured within the build-up phase. This is the type of marathon running plan that most beginner marathoners often incorporate into their training routine. Nevertheless it is suggested to follow a beginner marathon running plan which is proven to get results.

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Thursday, 3 June 2010

You Can Lose Weight With Right Fruits.

By Roy Adams

As a Certified Nutrition Specialist, I usually shock people with this fact... it's true that there is a type of healthy natural trans fat that actually helps you to burn off abdominal fat. Sounds far fetched, but it's true. First of all, as I'm sure you've heard a million times by now, artificial trans fats in our food supply from hydrogenated oils are one of the most unhealthy foods (if you can actually call it suitable to eat) you can put in your body.

The importance of your Diet: Your diet is an important part of your fat burn process. Unfortunately, most of us aren't nutritionist. Fortunately, the writer of the Truth About Abs is not just a nutritionist, but a really good one as well. Most nave readers will become mini experts about nutrition once they are done reading this book. The disadvantages, for instance, of skipping meals during the day and how it affects us will become clearer.

Body Fat/Lean Mass: Building your ab muscles is not really the most important thing to begin with. Most of us already have a pretty decent stomach build. The real problem that should be addressed is that of fat. Because body fat lies over our muscle build, it effectively shrouds its definition and outlines.

All too often, people are left with the wrong idea that healthy eating isn't fun. This is one of the views that are correctly addressed in the book The Truth about Abs. Alongside these are many other important tools and guides which are aimed at helping the reader. The book, for example, provides an effective calorie index chart.

The correct amount of calories that is provided by various common meals is outlined in the book. The Truth about Abs also gives many answers to popular questions. A section of the book provides answers to many common topics such as "what the real effect of eating later night meals is". A reader might not know much about the way fat is burnt before he begins reading the book, but by the time he is flips the last page he would have learnt much on the subject.

Only the CLA that you get naturally from grass-fed ruminant meats actually has health benefits and can help increase fat burning (particularly from stomach fat) and building lean muscle, which helps increase your metabolism. While most trans fats (the artificial ones) will just make you unhealthy and fat, now you know that there actually is such a thing as a healthy natural trans fat that makes you burn fat instead!

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