Thursday, 17 June 2010

Easy Backpacking Camping Gear Advice

By Jason Jones

When setting out on our adventures we have to have specific backpacking camping gear items on the list, which will be highly dependent on the type of trip planned. Knowledge pays dividends before choosing essential backpacking gear for camping and hiking.

We make a few priorities before setting out on the trail, that includes choosing a suitable sleep system, cook system, tents for camping, and the important hiking and backpacking essential items. Before setting out we get this right to prevent coming home early of the trail with our tail in between our legs. We want to be heading home to tell the family what a fantastic adventure we just had, with an overwhelming desire to do it again.

System For Sleeping: The sleeping system we need will require an air mattress or sleeping pad and camping sleeping bag that will be compact enough and as lightweight as possible to use the least room possible inside our backpack. An air mattress will protect a camper from the floor, offering comfort whilst giving insulation between the floor and sleeping bag. Foam sleeping pads may provide less comfort than an air mattress, although they cost less and are lighter than others. However, an air mattress for camping provides more comfort and can be more compact. When buying a sleeping bag we choose a temperature rating and decide the shape and style we want, with the most popular being a mummy style bag. We can choose an ultralight sleeping bag, lightweight and choose various materials used that includes the warmer more compact down fill sleeping bag.

Backpacking cook system: The best backpacking stove, cookware and camping food we plan to eat will need to meet the needs for what we wish to pack, and the weight we are willing to carry whilst being efficient. There is a wide range of stoves available that include home made backpack stoves for the gramme counters to the Jetboil cooking system for those that want a rapid boil within 2 minutes. The conditions the camping stove will used in and the fuels suitable will determine a choice here. Backpacking camp food will need to be basic, and weigh as little as possible with the ability to stay fresh. Many will go with a basic food kit and use dried food or oatmeal to get the much needed energy restoration.

Backpack Tents: Our tent is the most important piece of kit we will take backpacking and hiking, so lets choose well. Some want a basic shelter that may just be a tarp shelter, bivouac or camping hammock, whilst others want comfort and room to store gear. Its kind of nice to have a vestibule to store boots and gear for camping, i must admit. Investing in a quality tent is important and will pay long term for your backpacking needs. Its a good idea to buy at the mid range price tag, which is from about $200-$300, that should get a good quality camping tent.

Essential backpacking items: The listed backpacking camping gear items above are essential and necessary. We just have to choose from what suits our backpacking needs the best. Essential items for hiking will include a camping first aid kit, map and compass, GPS for hiking and a fire lighter. The best way to determine what essential items to take is by preparing a backpacking list to check of the essential backpacking items needed and eliminate those that are not, based on the conditions and place we will be going.

Note: The backpacking camping gear we decide to take will depend on the weather conditions we will face, our budget and weight allowance. However, investing in the best backpacking gear your money can buy is highly recommended, but research, research, and research.

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