Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Important Camping Gear You Will Always Need

By Tiffany Ellis

A fun camping trip will be as good as you make. If you forget some of the necessities that you must have, the trip will be harder right from the start. Make a well thought out check list before you start packing and you will be less likely to forget anything essential. The tent is by far from the only important things you will need for a great camping experience.

Every camping trip needs a first aid kit. This could end up being the most helpful equipment you take. Camping can be filled with all kinds of opportunities for accidents and even illness that you won't expect, but can easily happen. You always need a bright lantern in case anything happened in the night and you must be able to see well.

Chairs are usually brought along for comfort, but they are actually a much safer and more comfortable choice than sitting on the ground. They will help keep the insect from getting you so easily. You always need a grill and perhaps a rotisserie for over the fire. Many campers prefer camp cooking this way, but it is still a good idea to bring along a camping stove just in case you have a problem with getting a fire started.

Having an air bed that you can inflate easily will make it a lot more pleasant when you are trying to sleep. Having to sleep on the cold and hard ground is not many people's idea of a good time and will often contribute to making you cranky and ill. No one wants to have to deal with a cranky camper so a sleeping bag alone might not be the best answer for some.

Also put a tent fan and a tent light on your check list. You will not enjoy waking up with a bug on you somewhere and not be able to see it or find it! The tent fan will just make if easier to sleep if it is really hot. Every camper's check list needs to be personalized because what one person could do without another person might absolutely must have. Having everything you really need with you will just make your camping more fun and enjoyable.

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