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Discover Interesting Historical Past Of Wirral Golf Courses And The Amazing Open Championship At The Royal Liverpool Golf Club In Hoylake

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A Guide To Using Cinema Ticket Vouchers and Special Offers

2 free cinema tickets with LovefilmOnline only

Grab two free cinema tickets when you register for a free 30 day Lovefilm trial, via Moneysupermarket. The offer's for new customers only and ends 1 Jan 2012.
Before you sign up, please be aware that there have been better deals in the past such as free M&S, Amazon and Arcadia (Topshop, Dotty P's etc) vouchers with trials. So if you're not keen on this offer, you may want to hold out in case something you'd prefer comes up in future, as you can only get a free trial once (though we don't know future deals).
cinema tickets What's the deal?
Register to DVD, Blu-ray and games rental site Lovefilm for its 30 day free trial, and you'll get two free cinema tickets to use at your chosen cinema.
Depending on where you live eg, London, a cinema ticket can be worth £10+ so this is a great deal.
How do I get it?
Register and start a free trial at Lovefilm via Moneysupermarket. While registering you'll need to enter credit or debit card details though you won't be charged during the free trial.
Then choose what package you want (1, 2 or 3 discs at a time). You'll need to select 10 titles before the first disc gets sent to you. Once the first disk is sent, the free tickets will arrive at your postal address within 30 days.
Any restrictions?
This offer's for new customers only, and if you've previously done a free trial with any Lovefilm-powered site, you're not eligible. The offer's limited to one per household, and isn't valid with any other offer. It ends 1 Jan 2012.
The cinema tickets are valid until Thurs 30 June at Odeon, Vue, Cineworld, Showcase and Empire cinemas. Tickets aren't valid for online bookings, with any other offer or for premieres or special events. Some Ts&Cs vary per cinema, eg, some locations or certain types of tickets aren't included, so check with the cinema first.
Anything to look out for?
Once the free trial's ended, you'll automatically become a paying member (£4.99 to £19.39 depending on which package you're on), so if you want to opt out, make sure you cancel before the end of your trial. You need to have sent out any titles you've got before cancellation can be completed.
2for1 tickets Orange Wednesdays Text Orange & show code
You can get 2for1 tickets at cinemas nationwide through Orange Wednesdays. Just text FILM to 241 from your Orange phone and Orange'll send you a code which you show to the cinema staff.
If you use a different mobile network, you can get a sneaky free Orange sim card, which you can pop in whenever you need to get the offer (read the article '2for1 Films for Non-Orange Customers' for a full how to).
Free preview cinema tickets Register online
What's the deal?
Sign up to film preview websites and they'll email you 'screening codes' for selected new films. Enter the code on their website, and if you're quick enough and a cinema near you is participating, you get in free.
Who are the companies?
There are quite a few, inc. Show Film First, See Film First, Momentum Screenings, Disney Screenings and Tell Ten. The more companies you sign up to, the more chance you have of getting a code.
Why do they give free tickets?
To spread the word. Agencies are hired by studios to get people talking about new films, possibly with the hope that if you've seen a film for free you're more likely to give it good reviews. On occasion, they may request feedback via email or text message.
What can I see?
Recent blockbusters shown for free include The King's Speech, Gulliver's Travels, Unstoppable, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Social Network.
Only selected films have previews, and participating cinemas nationwide vary per showing, so there may not be any near you. Often there's more than one screening, with times/cinemas changing, so be quick to snag a seat!
The screenings are at less busy timeslots (ie, not weekend evenings) and are usually reserved for Mon/Tues early evenings.
Anything else I can do to get them?
Take a look at our Free Cinema Tickets forum and Free Cinema Tickets discussion threads, which are full of people on the hunt for free screenings, sharing codes, advice and reviews.
Vue Cinema £1 kids & adult ticketsWeekend & half term offer
Children aged 2-12 can get £1 tickets to select morning movies at weekends and in school holidays with the Kids AM offer. What's more, accompanying adults get in for £1 as well.
Whats on?
Recent films inc. Shrek Forever After, Despicable Me, Toy Story 3 and more. This Feb half-term the new The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader is set for a run out. See full listings and cinema details for full info.
The films aren't always the most up-to-date, but with adult tickets usually costing from £6.10 and child tickets from £4.30, it's still a great deal.
How do I get the offer?

You can buy tickets on the day, but seats can always sell out, so go early if possible. To be safe you can book online/over the phone, though you'll pay a 60p booking fee (90p for phone bookings).

The deal: £1 kids & adults tickets. Valid: Weekend/school holiday mornings. How: Book online / buy on the day. Expires: Ongoing. Excludes: Adults not accompanied by a child. Offer from: Vue. Restrictions: Selected screenings only. Kids tickets valid for ages 2-12.
Odeon adults go free with £1 - £2.50 kids' tixWeekend & half term offer
One adult goes free per every child ticket, which cost £1 - £2.50 depending on location, in the Odeon Kids offer.
How do I get it?
The offer is for select movies on weekend/school holiday mornings. Check cinema listings for what's on and where. You can either just turn up at the cinema on the day and trust there'll be seats available or book online (though you'll pay 75p booking fee per ticket).
What's on?
Screenings are obviously aimed at a younger audience, so you won't find anything above PG certificate. Recent films include Megamind and The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
The deal: 1 adult goes free per child ticket (£1 - £2.50). Valid: Weekend/school holiday mornings. How: Book online / buy on the day. Expires: Ongoing. Excludes: Adults not accompanied by a child. Offer from: Odeon. Restrictions: Selected screenings only. Kids tickets valid for age 12 & under.

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Wine Tasting Video: Jacob’s Creek’s new Reserve range

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Outdoor Adventure Holidays - Awesome Fun Around Australia

By Jarad Gibbs

Do you love spending time outdoors or trying out new and exciting activities? If so, spending adventure holidays in Australia is an idea you should seriously consider. Indeed, Australia is not just home to kangaroos and koalas, but also to spectacular natural landscapes that provide the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities, such as the following.

Diving - The clear, sapphire waters of Australia are home to two of the world's biggest - the Great Barrier Reef, which is the biggest coral reef in the world, and the whale sharks, which are the world's biggest fish. Indeed, the Great Barrier Reef can be found just a few metres off the coast of Queensland while the whale sharks can be found feeding on corals in the Ningaloo reef off the opposite coast. You can find dolphins, manta rays, and hundreds of colorful tropical fish here, too, which make it one of the best diving locations in the world.

Canoeing and Kayaking - There are many beautiful and untamed rivers in Australia, too, which are perfect for water activities during your adventure holidays in Australia. Canoeing and kayaking are two popular activities, which, in some instances, can be enjoyed even at night during the full moon. If you would rather stay in the ocean, though, you can try sea kayaking, particularly on the waterfront of Tasmania. Sea kayaks are available for rent for a few hours or even as long as a week.

Hiking - There are many fun land activities to try, too, such as hiking or bushwalking as the Australians call it. Put on your hiking boots and set out for the Blue Mountains, a panoramic scenery just 90 minutes away from Sydney, or visit the Kakadu National Park, the largest nature park in Australia. The Kakadu National Park is also a scenic paradise, with rainforests, wetlands and cascading waterfalls which are sure to captivate you.

Skiing - Many people choose to stay indoors during the winter but for some, it is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors because of the snow. Skiing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Australia during winter, which is best enjoyed on the slopes of Victoria or Tasmania. The weather is especially great in Tasmania, the last stop before Antarctica, which becomes transformed into a magical winter wonderland not just suitable for skiing, but also for plenty of other winter sports, including sledding and snowboarding.

Rock climbing and rappelling - Rock climbing and rappelling are two popular outdoor activities in Australia whether in winter or in summer, so make sure you try them during your adventure holidays in Australia. Whether you're looking for a rock made of limestone, sandstone or granite, or whether you are a beginner or an experienced climber, you're sure to find a favorite among the various rock formations in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

Bungy jumping - For an even more thrilling experience, conquer your fears and go bungy jumping. Bungy jumping establishments are easy to find in almost every part of Australia, but are especially abundant in Queensland. You can choose from different tourist packages, as well as different forms of bungy jumping, depending on how daring you like to be. You can also try going to the Bungy Bullet for a unique style of bungy jumping where you are shot up into the air instead of jumping down.

Skydiving - If you enjoyed being suspended in mid-air so much, you should definitely try out skydiving over Australia, which is also offered by many establishments. If you want something more relaxing, though, you can try riding a hot air balloon over Canberra and Melbourne and savor equally breathtaking views. With all these activities and plenty of others, you'll surely understand why this scenic country is the outdoor adventure capital of the world at the end of your adventure holidays in Australia.

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Popular Dublin Attractions

By Robert Toth

In the recent times, Dublin has become one of the most prominent tourist attractions of the world. It can be visited by the old as well as the young. It is one among the many European cities that can be vacationed at, during any part of the year.

City Overview:

Dublin is one of the Ireland cities which have an interesting history and diverse culture and traditions. The Dublin attractions can fulfil all your dreams and help you engage in activities of your preference and interest.

Places which you must visit:

Situated in the College Green, the Trinity College was founded by Queen Elizabeth in 1592 and is the oldest college in Dublin. It has the largest library in Ireland.

The Dublin Zoo is considered as the largest zoo in Ireland and is known to be the most ancient scientific zoo of the world. It is the home of different species of animals and birds.

The Irish Museum of Modern Art conducts innumerable exhibitions on modern art.

The GAA Museum and Croke Park provide lots of information on the football game. At the former place, many EU conferences are conducted.

The Dublin Castle is one of the historical Dublin attractions which were constructed by King John of England. It is the hub of many concerts as well as EU meetings. Moreover, it also houses the Chester Beatty Library.

Christchurch Cathedral showcases many historical features of the city.

National Museum of Ireland is rich in cultural, artistic and historical collections of the city which is showcased in three different buildings.

Malahide Castle features the portraits of the distinguished family of the Talbot family.

Things you must do:

Discover the rich historic past of the city by visiting National Museum of Ireland.

A visit to the Dublin Castle must be on top of the itinerary list as it exposes you to the Irish history.

Make sure you make a trip to the Irish Museum of Modern Art which contains lots of historic information.

Those interested in books must go to the National Library of Ireland and get hold of some books there.

The Dublin Tourism Information is the right place to approach if you want to educate yourself about the city.

The Dublin Tourism Information is the right place to approach if you want to educate yourself about the city.

Take time out and spend lots of it at the garden and parks of the city.

Walk to the beach and enjoy the cool breeze out there.

Discern the elegance of Dublin by a tour on feet.

Shopping and Sports in the city:

Some of the most renowned shopping stops of Dublin are Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, Square Shopping Centre, Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, The Pavilion Swords and Dundrum town centre. The markets are efficient enough to satisfy the shopping freaks. The major sports of Dublin are the, rugby, soccer and golf.

How to spend nightlife:

The nightlife in Dublin is one of the prime Dublin attractions that have been drawing tourists from all across the globe. The ever engaging cafes and pubs offer the best varieties of whiskeys and Guinness to the energetic tourists.

Famous festivals:

Some of the important festivals are the Chinese New Year, Temple Bar Trad fest, The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, The Dublin Book Festival and St. Patrick's Festival.

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