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Tesco Festive Wines - worth looking at.

We do try to keep to leisure activities on this blog and one such activity I have recently started to enjoy is the love of "Wine Tasting". So much so that I recently started writing for the tesco wines online blog and also created a buy wine accessories blog to help keep my wine cooler stocked up. It's pretty new and only just starting to get traffic but I envisage this blog to be full of helpfull wine accessory reviews and articles by the middle of 2011. It takes time to find useful and relevant things to mention and promote but something I was recently told by a friend really helped.

I was recently doing some research for Tesco Wines Online
I was looking for some new and fresh stories and good wine advise to give back to tesco customers. My friend mentioned, one way to do this easily was to sign up for Google Alerts. And, with the keyword term "tesco wine" in my google alert, google now sends me a daily email full of new and interesting articles and stories about you got it " Tesco Wine"

In a google alert email I got today I came across this fantastic read from Kevin Ecock. In it he explains the myth about how some people think the supermarket giants such as tesco are ruining the wine trade. He goes on to explain how in fact (his opinion) they are helping it and goes on to give some excellent wine choices made by the supermarkets that can be purchased and at a very reasonable price.

Take a look at his blog post below.
Free Running with Kevin Ecock: Tesco Festive Wines - worth looking at.

When your done, head over to the tesco wines online blog and check out some of the excellent offers and discounts on wines and champagne including £10 off your first order.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

tesco wines online are just getting started on facebook, please like our page and help spread the word.

Toronto And The Mens Magazine Market

By Adriana Noton

A well written, well put together, well focused magazine is a thing of beauty. It presents its subject matter in formats light on the distractions, unlike the Internet and television. A mens magazine can focus on body building, business, cars, provocatively photographed women, sports. A Toronto magazine can focus on the concerns and attractions of the city. In fact, Toronto, Canada's magazine Mecca, has a large enough population, some 5.5 million, to support a number of weekly and monthly publications all on its own.

Does a mens magazine interest you? It is odd that beautiful women don the covers of mens magazines and womens magazines. Judging these books by their cover leads inevitably to the conclusion that what men like most is looking at women and what women like best is looking at themselves.

Magazines are portable. It is one thing to bury yourself in your smart phone when you are lucky enough to get a seat on the morning commuter train. In Toronto, the commuter train is called the GO train. It runs from Oshawa, 60 kilometers east of TO, to Oakville, about the same distance east of the city. There is something about pulling a travel magazine out of your briefcase and reading up on Caribbean vacation destinations that is so much more in keeping with a vacation mood than looking for the same material on your laptop.

Good travel magazines are hard to come by. Some of the best are seasonal inserts in major newspapers. In fact, including a free monthly glossy magazine in the folds of a daily newspaper is quite common in the Canadian newspaper business. While a mens magazine is not the type for newspaper insertion, it is a well used forum for travel or business magazines.

The most widely purchased genre of magazines are celebrity gossip rags. Second place goes to those targeting women's fashion and beauty. These magazines are usually primarily ads. In fact, it is for the ads that they are often bought. Travel magazines feature in-depth, in-person reports and are invaluable for those who use their vacations to travel.

What a long journey mens magazines have travelled. Key to the evolution of the modern mens magazine was the 1960 Lady Chatterly case. D. H. Lawrences Lady Chatterly was a 1920 novel about a sexual affair between the wife of an aristocrat and a common gamekeeper. The sexual scenes were explicit. The case was a challenge to the sale of the book in the UK on the grounds that it was obscene. When the court found that people should be free to read obscene materials, the mens magazine industry was born.

The sports magazine industry has as many genre as there are sports, and then some. The best ones feature breathtaking action photos of athletes in the the throws of the competitive spirit. Again, the competition for and vetting process of articles ensures a quality far in excess of what is commonly available on the web.

The greatest magazine market in Toronto is the Toronto Sports Magazine market. The mens magazine market is the most poorly served genre. It seems the product imported from the United States is too much competition for a made in Canada attempt.

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Top Deals on wine this November | Tesco wine deals and discounts