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Fantastic Leisure Activities and Cheap Days Out

We would like to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Below we have some fantastic cheap days out and Leaisure activities you can take advantage of in the next few months.

Ripley's Believe It or Not 2 for £29Print voucher

Get two tickets for £28.80 to Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum in Piccadilly Circus, London.
Tickets are normally £22.95 each for adults and £20.95 for children, and this offer includes two Mirror Maze passes and guidebooks.
How do I get it?
Print off this Ripley's voucher and hand over at the ticket office. One voucher is valid for up to six people.
What is Ripley's Believe It or Not?
It's a museum which exhibits lots of bizarre displays (i.e. a Tower Bridge replica made from matchsticks), as well as lots of strange events and facts that are almost unbelievable.
The deal: Two tickets for £28.80. Valid: Mon-Sun. How: Print voucher. Expires: Sun 6 Feb. Excludes: Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year's Eve & Day. Offer from: Ripley's Believe It or Not. Restrictions: Six people per voucher.
Free 6 week golf beginner's courseRegister online
Get a free £60 six week golf beginner's course at four UK locations with World Of Golf, as well as a free 7 iron golf club worth around £15. The courses are available at the Glasgow, New Malden, Croydon & Sidcup centres and run from January to end of February but more dates will be added later.
To book a course, simply visit the World Of Golf booking page, select your centre and then the date you wish to start the course. The course comprises of 6 x1 hour lessons, which are to be on the same day and time every week for six consecutive weeks. You will receive an email confirming your place on the course two weeks before it is due to start.
There are over a 1,300 places for adults and 345 places for children, and it's on a first come first served basis, so it's advised you book as soon as possible. For every lesson, you'll need to hire a medium bucket of golf balls, which is £4.20-£4.50, depending on the centre.
The deal: Free 6x 1hour beginner's gold lessons at 4 UK locations. Valid: 01 Jan 2011 - late Feb '11, though more dates will be added. How: Pick a venue and book online. Expires: Mon 28 Feb, though will be extended. Excludes: N/A Offer from: World Of Golf. Restrictions: You need to hire a bucket of golf balls for every lesson. Lessons will take place on the same day each week at the times indicated for 6 consecutive weeks, unless otherwise stated. Limited to one course per customer. Subject to availability.
50% off Shakespeare housesClick 'n' print voucher
Get a 50% off ticket for The Shakespeare Houses, Stratford-Upon-Avon, with this instant click 'n' print Shakespeare's Houses voucher. The deal's available until 31 Jan 2011.
There are five different 'houses' and you can use this voucher to visit them all.
The houses include:
  • Shakespeare's Birthplace
  • Dig for Shakespeare at New Place (closed until April 2011)
  • Hall's Croft
  • Anne Hathaway's Cottage
  • Mary Arden's Farm (closed from 1 Nov - 21 March 2011)
The ticket usually costs £19.50 so this'll make it £9.75, plus it gives you unlimited entry for a year. The deal: 50% off. Valid: 12 months. How: Print voucher. Expires: Sun 31 Jan. Excludes: Family tickets. Offer from: Shakespeare's Houses & Gardens. Restrictions: Not valid with other offers.

2for1 Shakespeare HousesClick 'n' print
Get 2for1 entry into The Shakespeare Houses, Stratford-Upon-Avon, with this instant click 'n' print Shakespeare Houses voucher. The ticket'll give you unlimited entry for 12 months.The Shakespeare Houses
There are five different 'houses' and you can use this 2for1 voucher to visit them all.
The houses include:
  • Shakespeare's Birthplace
  • Dig for Shakespeare at New Place (closed until April 2011)
  • Hall's Croft
  • Anne Hathaway's Cottage
  • Mary Arden's Farm (closed from 1 Nov - 21 March 2011)
As usual, buying one full price adult ticket will get someone else in for free. An adult 'five houses' ticket usually costs £19.50, so it's a good saving if two adults attend.
The deal: 2for1 entry. Valid: On the day. How: Print voucher. Expires: Sun 31 Jan. Excludes: Family tickets, special events/exhibitions. Offer from: Shakespeare's Houses & Gardens. Restrictions: Not valid with other offers.
2for1 'Big Wheels' ticketsClick 'n' print
Get 2for1 adult tickets for 'Big Wheel' rides at Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester and Weston-super-Mare.Big Wheel
Simply print off this 2for1 voucher from and hand it to the ticket office at any of the locations. It cannot be redeemed with online ticket purchases.
The Manchester Wheel and Liverpool Wheel usually cost £7.50 at the gate for standard adult tickets, whilst Sheffield and Weston-super-Mare cost £6.50, so it's not a bad little saving. Click the links for individual opening times.
The voucher is valid till Feb 2011 for Manchester and Liverpool, Oct 2010 for Sheffield and Sept 2010 for Weston-super-Mare.
The deal: 2for1 adult tickets. Valid: On the day. How: Print voucher. Expires: Various, see above. Excludes: Online bookings. Offer from: moneysupermarket. Restrictions: Adult tickets only.
Playgolf free £10 ball credit at HarrowSign up to newsletter
Get £10 free golf ball credit at Playgolf Northwick Park (Harrow), on the driving ranges.Playgolf
Just sign up to the Playgolf Northwick newsletter to get the offer.
After registering you'll be sent an email (check your junk box) with the offer to print off and take to the ticket office to redeem.
It applies to new newsletter registrations only, and you can only use the £10 ball credit once and within a month of the email.
The offer is pretty good, as 100 balls on the driving range normally costs £7.50, meaning with this deal you'll get them free and have credit left over.
Rileys free memberships for 12-18 year oldsIn store offer
Rileys is giving out 147,000 free membersRileys free membershipships (usually £5) for 12-18 year olds to join its pool and snooker clubs.
To get the offer, just visit your local Rileys and ask for 'Ronnie's giveaway offer' (the promo's being lead by Ronnie O'Sullivan). Memberships last for one year.
There are 120 Rileys clubs throughout the UK. Find your nearest Rileys.
Free swims with Schweppes Abbey Well waterGrab selected bottle tops
Get free swims Mon-Fri at c.500 UK pools with Scwheppes Abbey Well water bottle tops.Free swims
All 500ml/750ml bottle tops are valid for the promotion. A 500ml bottle costs anything from around 40p - 70p (currently 43p at Tesco), depending on where you get it.
For your free swim, just take the bottle top (it should say Sch...wim cap on the top) to your nearest participating pool during valid free swim sessions (see below). Sportscaps on 750ml still bottles don't have Sch...wim cap on the top but are still valid for a free swim.
Each pool has its own set of T&Cs on the offer, so once you’ve selected your pool, click on 'opening times & more info' and the next page will show you what times you can swim for free at that pool.
The bottle caps are valid until 02/02/2011 and they can't be used with any other offers.
The deal: Free swims. Valid: See individual pool T&Cs. How: Hand Schweppes Abbey Mills Sch...wim cap bottle tops to ticket office. Expires: 02/02/2011. Excludes: Weekends. See individual pool T&Cs. Offer from: Schweppes. Restrictions: Mon-Fri only. See individual pool T&Cs.

Free football coaching for kidsBook online or by phone

The FA Tesco Skills Programme runs at 36 venues across England during school holidays, excluding Christmas.

You don't need to buy anything - just book online or by phone at least two days in advance. Each session lasts two hours, from 10am-12pm or 1pm-3pm, over one or two days.
Picture of football
The deal: Free football coaching. Valid: During school holidays, 5-11 year olds only. How: Find venue, book online / by phone. Expires: Ongoing. Excludes: Christmas holidays. Offer from: FA Tesco Skills. Restrictions: Subject to availability. Max. 1 session per day. Kids must be signed in by a parent / guardian.
York Castle Museum 2for1 kids go freeJust turn up!

Picture of MuseumUp to ten kids (under 16s) can go free with one paying adult at the York Castle Museum.

No need for vouchers, you just need to turn up on the day (no advance bookings available). Child entries are usually £4 so if you're lucky enough to have ten kids, then this could save you £40. Adult entry is £8.

It’s valid on the day until at least 31 Mar 2011. The offer isn't valid for organised groups. Check out the York Castle Museum site for opening times.

The deal: Up to 10 free child entries with a paying adult. Valid: On the day. How: Just turn up! Expires: 31 Mar '11. Excludes: Organised groups. Offer from: York Museum Trust. Restrictions: 16s & under must be accompanied by a paying adult. Organised groups excluded.
Yorkshire Museum 2for1 kids go free
Kids go free with one paying adult to Yorkshire Museum when it re-opens on Sun 1 Aug. Standard adult tickets cost £7.York Museum
This doesn't require any voucher, it is an offer put on by the museum after a refurbishment and will last until at least the end of the year. The child tickets used to be £4.
Children are classed as under 16.
The deal: 2for1 kids go free with paying adult. Valid: On the day. How: Just turn up. Expires: Dec 31. Excludes: Organised groups.Offer from: York Museums Trust. Restrictions: Children must be accompanied by full paying adult.

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Perfect for Xmas....Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage Champagne 2003 75cl | Tesco Wines Online

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Five Things You May Not Know About Golf

By Danielle Russell

Have you seen your golfing handicap decrease in spite of (or sometimes because) of the hard work you put into improving your game? Are your drives falling miserably short as the game of golf stresses you out instead of relaxing you? You may also be falling into a pit of quicksand as one missed putt leads to another. If you are plagued with problems like these then it is time to give your golf game a boost. The five aspects of golfing you need to work on are your flexibility, strength, endurance, nutrition, and mental toughness, and here's some interesting information on each of them.

Improving Flexibility

Is your golfing swing awkward due to the fact that you may be rushing things too much and being too eager-beaver in your actions? Be proactive when getting your muscles ready for the game - don't wait till the last minute to stretch. Avoid that stiff and awkward feeling with regular stretching. As a result, you could gain more flexibility. You only need a small investment of your time in order to see significant gains in your range of motion.

Improving Strength

When exercising away from the golf course, is strength training part of your routine? A lot of golfers make the mistake of hitting the ball as hard as they could when swinging their club. Beware, though, of the side effects of this practice. Swinging the golf club is an unnatural action, and forcing your body to do this repeatedly could cause injury. Increasing strength will enable your body to tackle the demands of the golf swing and prepare it for the action ahead.

How To Boost Endurance

Do you lose your intensity or feel tired after a few holes? If so, then focus on your endurance. For the uninitiated, golf doesn't appear to be a very strenuous game that requires a lot of endurance. Here's an interesting fact - an 18-hole course could spread out about five miles, which is a lot of walking. Incorporate some cardio into your exercise routine, about 20 to 45 minutes and 3-5 days a week.


Your body needs the proper fuel to work efficiently. And of course you wouldn't want to nosh on junk food before the game. What exactly is the proper sports diet? Athletes in any sport need to include the following foods - carbohydrates, white meat, fruits, green vegetables and at least eight glasses of water.

Building Mental Toughness

Do you get bothered at the second hole thinking about that botched drive on the first hole? You're effectively killing your golf game this way by letting one bad thing lead to another. Before swinging that golf ball, try thinking some positive thoughts instead. And that includes not being discouraged over goof-ups on the previous holes. Think of a good shot instead of fearing you might miss the next shot as well.

These are five things to take note of if you wish to see positive results in your game. It will take some time to make these activities a habit, but will be well worth the effort.

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Learn to DJ -- Entertain a Crowd With Your Talent!

By Kevin James

If you want to learn to DJ, then there are a few basic things you'll need to get started. Naturally, you must have charisma, as well as a large variety of music media so you can ply your trade. The ability to listen and transition between tracks is also necessary. A few pieces of equipment will complete your gear and abilities needs, and then you will be ready for an exciting and possibly new to you career!

You can often pick up a variety of vinyl records at swap meets and such. Your collection will grow easily this way, as well as shopping at some estate sales on the weekends. There's treasure to be found -- you just have to dig it up! Some DJs are crowd pleasers and love to play what the majority of people want. Some love to entertain in their own way and will play the genre they love the most. There are DJs who can do both, and this will provide the most opportunities for you to earn money.

Some DJs use and prefer CDs over vinyl, and for CDs you don't need turntables. Most DJs prefer vinyl though and this is like learning to drive a car with a manual transmission -- if you know how, you'll never forget. Vinyl records are often a crowd pleaser, too. "Old school" methods are often the best-sounding ones. To make it in the big leagues you do have to know how to use vinyl. You'll need two turntables for vinyl, but if you choose only CDs then a tabletop turntable is fine. A lot of venues already have DJ software built in so then all you need to take is your laptop.

Your initial start up money needs to be channeled towards a couple of great turntables and mixer. Perhaps buying the turntables used (if they are high quality) and a new mixer will help you to stretch the old budget. Practice a lot. Watch other folks do their thing when they DJ. Make sure you want to pursue this interest as a career, or as a hobby. It can be expensive until you are bringing in more money and can spend some of that to improve your gear. Learn all genres of music. Make sure you know all the current hit songs. Some genres of music to check out are: Trance, House, Breakbeat, Techno, Downtempo and Hardcore.

There are different times to play different tempos. Start slow and then during mealtime, and then at the end of the evening. Jazz it up in the middle and play more serious tunes before folks eat, and afterwards. Of course, if it's a buffet, then anything goes. Just practice and you'll soon know when to play what. You don't want folks jumping around with shrimp flying off their plates, etc. Fast songs are not for weddings. Slow songs are not for kids because they'll get bored really fast. Their attention span is shorter.

Practice your charisma in front of a mirror because when you learn to DJ you need to project well and possess a great deal of charm and attraction. If you make up a few games, include all, because if the host gets left out, for instance -- sure as shooting you won't be invited back! And, a party should be fun for absolutely everyone!

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Tesco Festive Wines - worth looking at.

We do try to keep to leisure activities on this blog and one such activity I have recently started to enjoy is the love of "Wine Tasting". So much so that I recently started writing for the tesco wines online blog and also created a buy wine accessories blog to help keep my wine cooler stocked up. It's pretty new and only just starting to get traffic but I envisage this blog to be full of helpfull wine accessory reviews and articles by the middle of 2011. It takes time to find useful and relevant things to mention and promote but something I was recently told by a friend really helped.

I was recently doing some research for Tesco Wines Online
I was looking for some new and fresh stories and good wine advise to give back to tesco customers. My friend mentioned, one way to do this easily was to sign up for Google Alerts. And, with the keyword term "tesco wine" in my google alert, google now sends me a daily email full of new and interesting articles and stories about you got it " Tesco Wine"

In a google alert email I got today I came across this fantastic read from Kevin Ecock. In it he explains the myth about how some people think the supermarket giants such as tesco are ruining the wine trade. He goes on to explain how in fact (his opinion) they are helping it and goes on to give some excellent wine choices made by the supermarkets that can be purchased and at a very reasonable price.

Take a look at his blog post below.
Free Running with Kevin Ecock: Tesco Festive Wines - worth looking at.

When your done, head over to the tesco wines online blog and check out some of the excellent offers and discounts on wines and champagne including £10 off your first order.

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tesco wines online are just getting started on facebook, please like our page and help spread the word.

Toronto And The Mens Magazine Market

By Adriana Noton

A well written, well put together, well focused magazine is a thing of beauty. It presents its subject matter in formats light on the distractions, unlike the Internet and television. A mens magazine can focus on body building, business, cars, provocatively photographed women, sports. A Toronto magazine can focus on the concerns and attractions of the city. In fact, Toronto, Canada's magazine Mecca, has a large enough population, some 5.5 million, to support a number of weekly and monthly publications all on its own.

Does a mens magazine interest you? It is odd that beautiful women don the covers of mens magazines and womens magazines. Judging these books by their cover leads inevitably to the conclusion that what men like most is looking at women and what women like best is looking at themselves.

Magazines are portable. It is one thing to bury yourself in your smart phone when you are lucky enough to get a seat on the morning commuter train. In Toronto, the commuter train is called the GO train. It runs from Oshawa, 60 kilometers east of TO, to Oakville, about the same distance east of the city. There is something about pulling a travel magazine out of your briefcase and reading up on Caribbean vacation destinations that is so much more in keeping with a vacation mood than looking for the same material on your laptop.

Good travel magazines are hard to come by. Some of the best are seasonal inserts in major newspapers. In fact, including a free monthly glossy magazine in the folds of a daily newspaper is quite common in the Canadian newspaper business. While a mens magazine is not the type for newspaper insertion, it is a well used forum for travel or business magazines.

The most widely purchased genre of magazines are celebrity gossip rags. Second place goes to those targeting women's fashion and beauty. These magazines are usually primarily ads. In fact, it is for the ads that they are often bought. Travel magazines feature in-depth, in-person reports and are invaluable for those who use their vacations to travel.

What a long journey mens magazines have travelled. Key to the evolution of the modern mens magazine was the 1960 Lady Chatterly case. D. H. Lawrences Lady Chatterly was a 1920 novel about a sexual affair between the wife of an aristocrat and a common gamekeeper. The sexual scenes were explicit. The case was a challenge to the sale of the book in the UK on the grounds that it was obscene. When the court found that people should be free to read obscene materials, the mens magazine industry was born.

The sports magazine industry has as many genre as there are sports, and then some. The best ones feature breathtaking action photos of athletes in the the throws of the competitive spirit. Again, the competition for and vetting process of articles ensures a quality far in excess of what is commonly available on the web.

The greatest magazine market in Toronto is the Toronto Sports Magazine market. The mens magazine market is the most poorly served genre. It seems the product imported from the United States is too much competition for a made in Canada attempt.

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Use freerolls to start up a bankroll | Learn To Play Poker With Poker Lessons

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Top Deals on wine this November | Tesco wine deals and discounts

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Maximize Your Party Potential, Hire Bands

By Sally Jenkins

Everybody loves a good party, this much is clear. Good parties are created through attentive planning, a fun theme, and plenty of entertainment. One of the best ways to increase the entertainment value of any occasion is to hire bands.

Bands can be hired for almost any occasion possible. There are as many types of parties as there are people throwing them! Big life events come to mind, like weddings and anniversaries, but live music is also good for smaller, less formal affairs. Birthday parties, retirement parties, and business events can all use the inspiration of good music.

A good way to choose the music for your event is to consider the people who will be attending. Young rock-n-rollers might like their music loud, while retirees may prefer a quieter sound. Some parties seem to need an exciting tempo and vibe, while others may benefit from soothing tunes. Whatever the desired effect, there is sure to be a band available to play the mood music for it.

Think about the styles of bands available for hire. There are many sizes and types to choose from. Bands can range from solo acoustic acts to chamber groups to large scale swing and orchestra acts. Some groups play music for dancing, while others play more for ambiance. Whatever you may be seeking for your fete, there is sure to be a band that specializes in that groove.

The proper music is vital to the success of a party. Certain bands have a harder edge to them, think heavy metal and hard rock, while others are more of an easy listening style like smooth jazz and classical, for example. Music can set a great tone for the listeners and should be selected with care. Music can either calm a group or excite them. Choose the proper band in order to achieve the desired effect.

Large performance halls can obviously support a big band and stage set up. But a house party may be limited in size for even a folk duo. The size of the space in which a band is to perform can be either detrimental or beneficial for all involved. For example, you wouldn't want attendees bumping into musicians while they are performing, and neither would the musicians! Also, too many musicians or instruments can overwhelm the social aspects of a party. A good balance between spaces available and musicians playing in them should be considered beforehand.

Financial considerations are always a priority when hiring performance groups. Larger groups may cost more while smaller bands could cost less. Some bands may charge by the hour, as opposed to a flat fee for the entire event. Some bands may charge extra to offset travelling and per Diem expenses. Established bands are often more costly than beginners (and the increased expense may or may not be worthwhile). Look for bands with value added appeal, like local groups or friends of friends. Ask acquaintances for referrals.

The music of your gathering may leave a lasting impression on the listeners, so consider the future of both the band and the audience. Good audience support can lead to later dates for the band, while the memories provided by good music can be long and treasured ones. This is yet another reason why employing good musicians can be so rewarding for all involved.

A good musical choice, and a great band to perform it, makes a party shine. To become a host with the most, plan to hire bands. With a bit of planning, careful consideration, and fiscal responsibility, you can make a lasting impression on your guests by proving them a soundtrack to their dreams.

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Discovering the Noteable Vineyards of France - Wines and Spirits

Toning Tips: How To Get Trim With Reebok Easytone

By Tom Doerr

Reebok have once again called on the stunning Kelly Brook in another campaign for the sportswear giant. But to the disappointment of many, she will be keeping her clothes on, unlike the last time she modelled nude for their line of trainers in a nationwide naked billboard campaign.

But if you look hard enough you will find a few methods of getting in shape without changing your day to day routine. One very good, very new method is using the Reebok Easytone trainers, a shoe designed to create instability which the body naturally counteracts.

Kelly, now 30, claims she is happy with her body and who she is, but still maintains a fitness regime. She says "I've hit 30 and I have accepted this is my body shape, and I'm happy with what I am and who I am. My legs are quite toned at the moment and I have a small waist so I dress to accentuate it. I have a bigger bum and bigger boobs but I'm generally small-boned. I've got real boobs and I guess they could be a bit perkier! But in general I'm pretty happy with everything."

The model turned actress enjoys swimming, yoga and dancing but focuses on her dance and fitness classes, which made her the perfect candidate for this exercise product aimed primarily at women.

She has recently become somewhat of a movie star and is currently starring in the film Piranha 3D. Although she only studied at drama school for three years when she was younger, she said this started her love of dancing, which she still does to keep in shape.

The scientists also surveyed users of the shoes over a period of several months and found that they experienced a degree of toning of the legs and bum. But the team struggled to determine whether the toning was entirely due to the imbalance the shoes created or the motivation to walk more.

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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Wedding Wines - A Dilemma

Yeah, it's been a Dilemma. I get married on Oct 23rd 2010, exactly one week today as I write this blog post and I must say its been one stressfull and rollercoaster ride for the past few months. trying to fullfil my obligations to organising my own wedding, working a Full time job in the restaurant and writing for the Tesco Wines Blog has been tough but I managed to get it all done :)

Here's my installment this week and some helpfull advise to all you uk males out there when it comes to having a say in arranging your own wedding and what wine you want!

Anyone can find wine that tastes good and is affordable. If you aren't bothered too much of what's on the label, or how much you are spending on your wedding wine, then you will be able to offer your guests something they will truly enjoy, and something that won't go over budget. Here are a few wine tips you should apply to your Wedding Wine
1) Don't let anybody tell you what a good wine is, and what isn't. Take anybody's advice or recommendation (including ours) as just that - a recommendation. What tastes good to you may taste like vinegar to a wine expert and vice-versa.

2) When choosing your wedding wine, there is usually not much difference from a $20 bottle of wine to a $100 bottle of wine, but there is usually quite a difference between a $4 bottle of wine and a $20 bottle of wine. Dont go for a cheap bottle but opt for a mid range wine with a good taste.

3) South America, Australia, and South African wines are outstanding, and usually quite inexpensive. A good South American Merlot will be about half as much as a comparable Californian Merlot and most suitable for your wedding wine

4) Tasting your wedding wine before you buy is the only true way to learn more about what you like.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Make The Most From A Cheap Holiday

By Wayne Bromiley

There are many ways to get Cheap Holidays and Cheap Holiday Deals. Getting the best possible deal starts long before you get on a plane. The right preparation and fact finding will help you enjoy the best possible holiday for the best possible price.

The first thing to consider is travel insurance. Insurance for a single trip can cost as much as annual cover, so it is worth checking online or talking to a broker to see the best deal that you can get. Cover is also useful in the event of any problems with travel delays or companies going bust. Paying by credit card will also give extra protection. Some debit accounts also have insurance policies. Ask your bank for more information on the protection and insurance policies available.

When booking a holiday the advice is either to book very early or very late. Earlier booking will get you a cheaper deal and give you more time to organise your trip and compare prices. With later deals you can often get cheaper prices up to eight weeks before you travel. Either way, it is worth shopping around to see what is available.

Shopping around is the best way of getting the best deal. There are comparison sites for every aspect of your holiday, whether it is the hotel, car hire or insurance. Package deals are more tempting because they are all inclusive. However it may be more practical to go with a cheaper hotel chain or a self catering apartment, especially if you want to try authentic local cuisine!

The first thing to look at is where you intend to travel. Some places have favourable exchange rates and these are often attractive places to go to. Given recent financial problems a lot of places will be glad of the extra trade, so it is worth keeping an eye out for discount bookings. If possible, booking earlier will ensure you get a better deal. It will also give you more time to prepare and therefore less stress on the day you travel. On the other hand, it is also possible to get cheaper deals on last minute flights, sometimes up to eight weeks before travelling.

When on holiday it is important to be wary of hidden charges. When using your phone, international calls can prove very expensive. If you are accessing the internet on a smart phone that can also prove deceptively costly. Send texts instead of phone calls and keep internet use to a minimum.

Paying on a card in a restaurant on holiday is also something to be careful of. Some banks may limit the amount of countries you can use your card, so it is worth checking this before you travel. It is also worth asking whether you will be charged extra for taking out money from a foreign cash machine. When paying by card, make sure you pay using the local currency as the exchange will cost you extra money.

A good cheap deal should cover all your needs and still be an enjoyable experience. With the right information, cheap really can be cheerful!

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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Choosing A Film For That Perfect Night In

By Andy Crobb

So you are intending to spend an evening at home with your partner and want to watch a movie. With such a lot of choice on hand what movie should you choose to watch to make your evening's ideal viewing? This article is designed to aid you determine a solution to that question and give you some tips and hints that will help you make up your mind.

What Kind Of Atmosphere Do You Want?

The first thing to decide is what kind of ambiance you want to build upon or generate. Do you want to relax with something fun or would you prefer to have your thoughts provoked? Maybe you would like your pulses to speed up with a murder mystery or be frightened out of your wits with an exceptional horror movie? Or on the other hand perhaps you just want a romantic mood to prevail through a romantic comedy or a sad story?

Whatever type of DVD you choose, you should make a choice that reflects the kind of mood you would like to create.

Secondary Things To Think About

Added to the style of DVD movie, you may also want to think twice about whether you should watch a recently released picture or a remastered classic. Would you choose to watch a dvd that you have both seen in the past and really loved? If you have a favored DVD in your library which has some significant meaning to you both, it could rekindle the good memories you have about it if you were to relive them by sitting through it again.

If you are feeling like injecting a little culture into the proceedings, there are a vast number of quite brilliant foreign language films to choose from; it is possible to be entertained and have your horizons broadened at exactly the same time.

Stuck For Ideas

If you are really stuck for ideas, you could consider these ideas:

Head to a nearby DVD store and ask for a suggestion from someone who works there. Nearly all people who sell or rent DVDs are usually hugely passionate about film. You can be absolutely certain that these guys will basically be able to advise you in your DVD choice based upon the type of atmosphere you want.

Alternatively, you could potentially rustle through a DVD film review book and randomly open a page to find out what pops out at you. If you don't like the choice, you only need to open another page at random and see if anything appeals.

A final idea could be to ask your companion if there is a particular DVD that she or he would like to see, since in the end you will no doubt want them to enjoy the evening's show too!

Although possibly an apparently absurd solution to think about, figuring out your DVD choice before the fact can save you a huge quantity of time. You can take this as fact from someone who has spent literally vast periods of time on occasion trying to make what would seem to be an impossible choice!

About the Author:

Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Travel Distance Calculator

By Trevor Gartreese

The introduction of the online travel distance calculator has made things a lot easier for journey planning. Previously to the use of the online variant, travelers exclusively relied on maps and travel guide info in order to estimate the fuel consume and the time necessary to get from one location to another.

Nowadays, there are plenty of web pages that offer a travel distance calculator option, but the most well known and comprehensive include Google Maps and MapQuest. The usage mode of the travel distance calculator is basic, fundamental and almost identical in concept and function; what sets these competitors apart is the diversity of extra options adjacent to mapping systems. Hence there is more to it than the simple distance indication!

What can one expect from the Google travel distance calculator? There are lots of hotel reservation links as well as info that a traveler finds relevant. The formats of the travel distance calculators vary too; thus, some are designed to show the distances only for a specific country, while others cover extra features to determine distances between cities abroad. A relevant example is Map Crow, that is a web tool used to calculate distances between cities outside of the United States: from Paris to Rome for instance, but you can also learn the distance between less specific points, like countries.

The undeniable advantage of a travel distance calculator is that it gives the requested data in a matter of seconds, increasing work efficiency and facilitating an incredibly convenient access to information. There are people who by the nature of their job need the travel distance calculator, therefore, they find it a most helpful tool in a variety of applications. Thus, transporters and logistic companies that operate goods transport worldwide use the travel distance calculator to find out the specific and non-specific gas consume, as well as to approximate other variables.

Drivers benefit most from the use of the travel distance calculator and they also rely on the tool extensively. The level of applicability of the distance calculator for international itineraries and flight routes is pretty reduced. You will surely not check with a travel distance calculator for flying from Phoenix to Washington. Yet, more advanced technologies for the travel distance calculator indicate distances in air miles for instance, but such equipment is normally purchased by professional air lines as part of the operational software.

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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Thule Bike Rack And The Wonder Of Biking

By Brian Tim

You can enjoy two types of bike racks; one that is especially made for you, attached to your car and the one innovatively made separately for other places. All these for you to enjoy somewhere and not just in your own area.

Car racks are utilized by individuals who are passionate in biking. To transport their bikes to the area of their preference, they fix them to the roof of the automobile and fasten either one, or at times, several bikes. Racks are available from outdoor shops and there are several models for a bike enthusiast to choose from. More importantly, these bike racks, like a Thule bike rack, are designed to fit both family cars and larger vehicles. Contemporary car mounted racks guarantee a strong hold of the bike and could take the biker to his prime destination without hassle.

Bike racks are ubiquitous. They can be found from public parks, nature reserves to schools. These racks are often in the shape of concrete block with iron rods linked to it, serving as a venue for bikers to clip their bikes safely and securely. To use the bike racks also means to prevent theft from occurring.

Sometimes, there are wise thieves that could still steel the bike though it is already locked up. They would just take away the front wheel of the bicycle since there are some racks that would only attach the wheel to the frame, making it easier for the thieves to take it away. Through this, they could just sell the bicycle at once by just replacing the one wheel that was taken out.

Some parts of Europe have their means of transportation by using bicycles, like Amsterdam, thus, making the government produce funds for the people to use their public bike racks conveniently and comfortably.

Any kind of bike racks, whether it is expensive or not, or even if it's Thule bike rack, it has been a primary need to any bike owners.

Apart from the fact that these bike racks are mainly to prevent one's bike from being stolen, they also allow everyone to appreciate the relaxing and enjoying feeling of biking. Everyone could feel the real adventure because they don't have to be anxious of their vehicle even though they are in a faraway place. Thule bike rack is easier and convenient to use anytime, anywhere.

Today, businessmen are concerned of being competent enough in the business world, thus, they make it a point to have the type of bike racks which are low-budget and in good quality as well.

Similar to high-end bike racks, the cheaper ones also provide advantages such as safety and particularity. Furthermore, they provide flexibility by allowing an individual to attach different types of bikes such as tricycles, tandems, and trailers. If bikers purchase cheaper bikes, saving is an understatement.

Significantly, anyone could purchase lower priced bike racks yet with good quality on the internet.

What matters most is that you could still have the kind of adventure you want without the fear of losing your bike because you've chosen the perfect bike rack for you; the kind of rack which is valuable and affordable.

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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Progressive Jiu Jitsu: It's All About The Basics!

By Vinicius "Draculino" Magalhaes

As your jiu jitsu journey begins, you'll quickly realize the amount of techniques and situations you have to deal with is overwhelming. Getting stuck in bad positions is the norm, and you will be submitted often.

Don't get discouraged, because you can survive!

An awesome thing about jiu jitsu is that it is fantastic at leveling the playing field. The fast or strong can be at a disadvantage against a skilled jiu jitsu student, especially if they are untrained in ground fighting. The problem is lasting long enough in class to become skilled.

In a word, basics. If you become a master at just the jiu jitsu basics, you can generally prevent yourself from getting in bad positions and are able to handle yourself if you happen to end up in one. Practice these at home by yourself, and keep them in mind during your classroom training to apply them there as well. After a few weeks you'll have a basic skill level that'll really allow you to focus on learning and applying your techniques instead of a panicked defense.

What are these basics?

Hip Escapes

Hip escapes are the grand daddy of jiu jitsu basic techniques. While training you should always have "loose hips". Transitioning from side to side and using your hips for positional leverage is critical. This can't be reinforced enough. Hip escapes (aka shrimping) are important in creating space allowing room for both defenses and attacks.


Another basic you need to get down is breathing. If you tire out in training or a real life fight, you're dead. You CAN relax and you need to slow down and breathe while you work your game. If rolling/sparring becomes a sprint for you, you'll be done in 30 seconds. In a typical 5-7 minute training round, that would be miserable! So slow down, take your time, breathe deeply, and relax.

Open Mind

Many people come to train thinking that their strength is going to get them through whatever challenge they face. And just as quickly they are proven wrong by some 120 pound-when-soaking-wet kid with a bit of experience. To learn the fastest, open your mind to a new way of doing things. Learn and use the techniques properly and without strength. Accept that you are going to have a learning curve and don't try to power your way through things.


The majority of BJJ students are men and of course have good sized egos. Leave it at the door. You must really enjoy the journey of learning jiu jitsu and take in all of the nuances. If you insist on being the guy that never taps, you will get hurt much more often. And of course if you are injured you won't be able to train. Be open to losing while in class. Help your classmates to get better. Enjoy the journey. Become a family!

These basics aren't a fully exhaustive list of everything you need to master. But they provide a great foundation to build upon. Walk into class ready to learn, guide your classmates where you can, and train hard. This is a special martial art and it can change you if you let it.

- Draculino

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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Lessons To Teach You How To Learn Piano

By Jenne Mae

For many people learning how to play the piano can definitely be an intimidating experience. Everyone seems to adore the music that comes from a piano. It can set a mood for relaxation and calmness.

A lot of individuals can sacrifice a lot just to understand how to play the piano properly, but it can definitely be a lot to handle. Learning some easy steps or some beginner piano lessons will help you quick in learning the proper and perfect way to play this instrument.

You should know that a piano isn't that simple to do, especially for the individuals that aren't well accustomed to music and playing instruments. A piano is an instrument that can bring out many emotions and feelings. Learning how to play piano is not that hard as long as you follow and stick with the steps of the rule.

It is a huge advantage for you to find out how to play the piano faster if you have your very own instrument, practicing with the actual instrument day by day will surely make you a perfect piano player. Learning it hands on can also assist your hands and fingers to get familiarized with the keys and tunes of the piano.

Piano lessons are very much useful. You can easily choose a piano lesson that would be easily available in various approaches and forms. You can bind various forms of learning technique so that you can learn it in a short period of time. You can also search the Internet for some online lessons or you can hire a personal trainer to help you out.

Do not be shy to get help from expert advice once learning piano. Professionals can be a big help and to assist you in focusing and concentrating on the process of learning piano. You can ask these people how to perfectly execute the proper piano strategies so that you won't be in trouble executing it by yourself.

Practicing piano in a regular period is a must. You have to also prioritize and make a certain time to practice on your instrument, even just 15 to 30 minutes of practice every day will make you improve and enhance your playing skills.

You have to begin to play songs that are normally meant for beginners such as you, using simple piano songs will help you sustain your momentum all throughout the course process. Playing piano is very challenging, so to do better one individual must be patience. As soon as you mastered playing a specific piece, you must prepare yourself for another piece so that you won't get bored in playing this instrument.

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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Basic Set Up - Cheap Home Stereo Surround Sound Systems

By Mia Jordan

Nowadays, people throw in a blu-ray disc, or watch a sports game on TV. But, they all have one thing in common, they're looking for something to deliver explosive sound to make things more intense. A home stereo system can deliver just that.

Every system needs a stereo receiver. A receiver works as the command center. It takes in A/V signals from other A/V equipment, amplifies the sound and sends it to all of the speakers for you to hear.

In order to make sure you hear people talking clearly, a center channel speaker should be used. It can be placed in a center position where your television is at. Most receivers will allow you to adjust the speaker volume so whom ever is speaking is not too loud.

Now you need your R/L front speakers. All sounds in front of the camera will be played through these speakers. They almost work similarly to your R/L speakers built-in to your TV. However with the extra watts from the system, they will be louder.

Surround sound speakers are simply neat! Besides everything being louder and more in depth, these will allow you to actually feel like you're in the middle of the "Big Action Scene". Surround speakers will make a gun fight sound like bullets are not only being fired in front of you, but also from directly behind. It puts you smack dab in the middle of what your eyes are gazing upon.

If you don't have a home theater subwoofer, you don't have a completed system. A system will only sound it's best when it is reproducing all frequencies (Highs, Mids and Lows). Bullets start flying everywhere from hand guns, and out of no where that one person pulls out the shotgun... BAM! The subwoofer just pounded it into your chest.

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Monday, 23 August 2010

Scooting Around

By Alexander Peters

Scooters have become more and more common on the streets, and handled not only by children, but also teenagers and adults. While not having the same capabilities as a bicycle, a scooter can certainly help your child get to school faster, for example. Rough terrain still remains a problem for most scooters, as their smaller wheels can not handle it, but things are slowly beginning to change.

If you're looking for a gift for your boy or girl, then a scooter is probably one of the most enjoyable gifts you could buy. Available in a wide array of colors, scooters can be fun for both boys and girls. Since scooters usually attract the entire family, buying one or two extras wouldn't hurt, since bigger members of your family will probably want one too.

Children who are trying the scooter for the first time, and who have never ridden a bike before, will probably have some balance issues. However, it is a well known fact that children learn much quicker than adults, and so, they'll be zipping around your driveway in an hour. The different models of scooters are for different categories of people, going from children (smaller scooters), to teenagers looking to do tricks (3 or 4 wheeled scooters), or for adults using them to get to work (electric scooters).

The Razor Scooter uses a battery powered motor to propel it, at a safe riding speed that is even suited for children. It is also foldable, making it easy to carry around, after use. The battery should be charged after every time the scooter has been used, just to make sure it will be up for the day ahead.

Once the electric scooter reaches a certain speed, its engine starts up and all the hard work is done. This makes it easy for children to focus on keeping their balance. It's much easier than learning how to ride a bike, and they'll quickly learn that as well, thanks to the good balance obtained here.

Even though the scooter is powered by a battery, its low speed makes it easier to learn than a bike. Protective equipment should be used whenever riding a scooter, and, in the case of children, adult supervision is also required. Keep them safe!

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Saturday, 21 August 2010

London - Attractions Not To Miss Out On

By Mark Walters

There are many, many attractions that tourists in London visit annually but there are several that every London visitor has to see.

- Big Ben: the bell in the clock at the north end of Westminster Palace. Big Ben is the largest chiming clock with four faces in the world. It is the largest free standing clock tower in the world.

- The Tower of London: is on the north bank of the River Thames. It was founded in 1066 during the Norman Conquest. The White Tower, from which the castle takes its name, was built by William the Conqueror. It became a prison in 1100 and has been used as one since. The tower of London is a group of building set within two concentric rings of walls and a moat that surrounds it.

- London Bridge: spans the River Thames. It connects London City and Southwark in central London. The present bridge opened in 1793, one of many bridges to have appeared at the same site. In fact, a bridge has existed at or near the present site since the time of the Roman occupation, which was nearly 2,000 years ago.

- The Buckingham Palace Changing of the Guard: London's number one tourist attraction. In 1702 it was built as the London Home of the Duke of Buckingham. The state rooms of Buckingham Palace are open to the public from late July to September. The military groups that guard the royal residences in London are the Queen's Guard and the Queen's Life Guard.

- The London Eye (Millennium Wheel): is the largest Ferris wheel is Europe. It stands 443 feet or 135 metres tall. The number one paid tourist attraction in the UK, it is the largest Ferris wheel in Europe. It is on the South Bank of the Thames in the borough of Lambeth at the western end of Jubilee Gardens.

- Princess Diana's Memorial: was officially opened in July 2004 by Queen Elizabeth II. It was designed to express Princess Diana's love of children. It is in the southwest corner of Hyde Park.

Any visitor to London could be kept busy 24/7 visiting exciting places. The ones mentioned above are just the "tip of the iceberg" of things to do and see when visiting historic London.

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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Important Camping Tips

By Shannon Rodriguez

Camping trips are enjoyed by people looking to spend time outdoors, and experience nature. That's what most people are looking for, at least. Some friends of ours kept telling us how much they hated camping trips, and how they enjoy working much more than go on a trip, but twice a year, they went on their camping trips. We never knew where they went, but most lasted for several days.

You might be wondering why, and frankly, so were we. They just shrugged their shoulders when we asked them why they continued going if they hated it so much. We also asked them if we could join them, on special occasions, and see if we can't make it more fun for them. A simple "no" was all we got from them.

While shopping, I noticed their getting a large tent, telling me how important a good tent is, when camping. When I added that, although large, the tent is also quite large, and a smaller one would be just as good, they laughed and didn't mind me. Considering the number of camping trips they've gone on in the past years, I figured they knew better.

The noises that came from the hallway showed me that my friends knew indeed what they were doing. They were going up the stairs, toward the top of the building, with their tent and other camping gear.

Deciding to see where they were going, I followed them to the roof. They had everything set up there, including the large tent, [a collection of magazines, and a zune 8gb

You should have seen their reaction. They both froze and then started laughing their eyes out, as was I. They told me how this was "their" spot and how relaxing it was. We agreed to share it, and now, on special occasions, two large tents can be seen on top of our building.

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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

England's South Coast Has Much To Offer Tourists

By Mark Walters

There are many incredible places to visit and sights to see on England's South Coast. But before we get to that, let's discuss what England's south coast is comprised of. Southern England includes the southern counties of England bordering on the English Midlands. The government of the UK divides Southern England into South West England, South East England, Greater London and the East of England. So now that we know where we are, here are some attractions and places to visit on England's South Coast:

- Beachy Head: 5km or 3 miles south of Eastbourne is a snowy white cliff at the end of the South Downs. It has popular views and is reached by a lovely footpath. It is known for its striped lighthouse. The cliff path that passes through Cuckmere, Haven and Seaford is 3.5 miles or 6km long and provides a great hiking opportunity.

- Bramber Castle: is an English Heritage Property set on the west side of Bramber village. The original gatehouse was built by the Normans, although all that remains are the ruins.

- The Kent Battle of Britain Museum: is in Hawkinge. It's an old armory that contains the Luftwaffe Room, the Aircraft Armaments Room, the R.A.F. room and an art gallery.

- The Eurotunnel: is not to be missed. It crosses under the channel between France and Folkestone in Kent. It was complete in 1994 and is the fastest and newest transport system on the British coast. The visitor center is in Folkestone. There is also The Exhibition Centre in Cheriton which is west of Folkestone. This Centre explains the construction of the Eurotunnel.

- Borde Hill Gardens in Haywards Heath: is set on 200 acres of Sussex woods and parkland. It is a renowned botanical garden and displays a fabulous variety of colour through all seasons.

- Romney Marsh: extending from Hythe along the coast, is the beginning of almost 50,000 acres of area devoted mainly to the growing of flowers. It is especially beautiful in the spring.

- Mermaid Street: in Rye offers a historical stroll. You will want to see the home of Henry James, who wrote "The Wings of the Dove" and "The Golden Bowl" while living at Lamb House on Mermaid Street. Don't miss The Mermaid Inn, a 15th century pub distinguished by its reputation as a meeting place of smugglers. And then there's the Old Hospital, a triple-gabled, half timbered 15th-16th century building.

This is just a small sampling of the many things to do and see on England's South Coast. Be sure to learn about the many other attractions of this beautiful area of England.

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Monday, 2 August 2010

Superb Snow Boarding Destinations

By Martin Perez

Now let me inform you about a number of the biggest locations that there are to snow board in the world. I actually mean I'm going to let you know about the locations, that if you are a snow boarder you merely must go to if you want to have skilled the greatest snow boarding that is out there.

Solden in Austria

This superb resort is about 50 miles away from Innsbruck and a further 20 miles away from Otztal. This amazing place has three killer slopes that have three of the speediest lifts on the earth that even have a few of the finest views that I have ever seen. At the very least one night time in the week the slopes confide in give you an opportunity to go night boarding in style. There is additionally a firework display and all the pieces else imaginable to make the night successful, you may truly go for a drink in between runs and actually take pleasure in all of the elements of snowboarding whilst drinking at the same time. If you have never been night boarding before that is something that you have to check out.

St Anton in Austria

St Anton has among the best terrain that I have ever seen and that is among the reasons that I feel this place is up right here in the best snowboarding destinations. If you happen to prefer to free fashion then that is undoubtedly the place to be doing it. The slopes will not be very forgiving and except you like high pace, excessive octane fun then you should probably go elsewhere. The slope has amazing quantities of powder and actually helps and boarder to accelerate rather a lot sooner than they are used to.

Tignes in France

Tignes is indisputably the place to go if you want to go snowboarding in France. Tignes was one of many first places to really welcome snowboarders whilst different felt that snowboarding was the only factor that you are able to do on the slopes. However let me inform you one thing girls and gentleman. This place can also be the top place to learn your trade, with a wide range of training courses for those that wish to educate snowboarding for a living. In case you are looking for tree runs then this isn't the place to hold, nevertheless it actually has numerous wonderful runs that you just must try.

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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

How To Choose The Sea Fishing Gear For Your Fishing Trip

It is well known that many people enjoy the sport of deep sea fishing but when it comes to buying their gear they are clueless. If this is a sport that you are into or maybe just considering trying out, you need the right deep sea fishing gear. There is no point in spending any more money than you have to on your deep sea fishing gear. First and foremost you want to make sure that you always take the time to do comparison shopping.

Comparison shopping means comparing the prices offered by different stores rather than impulse buying where you just assume you are getting a decent deal and make your purchases. This means finding a few of the stores that offer what you need and then comparing the amount they offer and their asking prices. There are certain sites you can go through such as PriceRunner and PriceGrabber that will compare the costs from various stores of your selected items. There are other options you have as well such as shopping at discount stores.

Just because a store is discount this does not necessarily mean that the items are not as high a quality. This is where you are going to get the best prices and it does not mean you have to settle for a drop in the quality of the items. Try to buy your deep sea fishing gear during off-season months if you can. If you go shopping during peak season, just as would be the case for anything else, the prices are going to be higher.

Stores know that they can offer their items for higher prices and that people are going to have to pay them. You can also choose to buy used equipment. Deep sea fishing is an intense sport and one that really takes its toll on gear and equipment. You may be able to find a great deal on something but if it is in poor condition there is not much point.

If you are going to buy used make sure you check all gear over before paying any money for it. This is going to prevent you from accidentally going overboard and spending more money than you need to. Only get the basic things you need and then if you have the extra money afterwards, or find a great deal, you can feel less guilty about spending the money on them. At least with these tips you will be able to find what you need at the lowest possible price.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Looking For A Relaxing Time, Go Boating

By Mallory Megan

Boating can be a relaxing pastime, floating along on a river or lake without a care. For most people, the boating itself is the whole point of the hobby: once you're in the boat, you're set.

Plenty of people bring their boat to wherever they are going to be going boating on a trailer attached to the back of their automobile, provided the boat is small enough - larger boats have to be kept in marinas, which can be expensive. Even today, lots of people still build their own boats out of nothing over wood, nails and ingenuity.

There are a lot of different kinds of boats, from the small to the large. The smallest boats are those designed to be rowed effectively by two persons, followed by family-sized small boats. Most people who are into boating tend to have been boating with their family, their friends, and the main reason they take their family and friends along is because they've had such great memories in the past, they just want it to be far better.

Once you get above small boats, you start to get into powerboats (also known as speedboats and motorboats). They start off as only too large to row, but can go as large as 50 feet long with cabins and large engines - in other words, you can aquire a powerboat that can be about as big as a car and about as big as a truck.

Yes, boating can be exciting, however, it is as well a hobby in which you need to pay a lot of attention to safety. Lots of boaters die each year, mainly by falling overboard and drowning. It is important that you use common sense as well as making sure to comply with the relevant safety laws, notably by always taking lifejackets with you.

Without a doubt, boating isn't entirely limited to just cruising around. You can also set up water-skis on the back of your boat and go water-skiing, or even enter boat racing events, if you think you're fast enough. You can also fish, both in freshwater and in saltwater, with freshwater fishing being one of the most popular things to do with a boat.

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Monday, 12 July 2010

Go Get The Nikon Coolpix S570 To Snap Away With The Best Of Them

By Bradly Orso

The Nikon Coolpix S570 is the perfect companion for a day out. The wide-angle lens has a 12 x zoom that means you can shoot many different scenarios ranging from dinner with friends to a day on the mountain. Quality is lessened with the use of the zoom but not excessively so.

A digital camera is great because you and your friends can view the shots right away. A selector function allows for 10 best shots to be taken and will only keep the most in-focus pictures for you. There is no HD function as this keep the price down. The resolution is 12 megapixels meaning photos can be printed up to 16 x 20 inches. The best of the four film settings will produce a 540 x 480 resolution (30 fps) video.

ISO 3200 combined with a motion detector and a stabilization function allows for shots to be done in low lighting and shaky hands. The 16 modes for shooting scenes in varied situations allows for excellent picture quality no matter the setting. This is unusual in the budget digital camera.

Since these cameras are mostly used for point-and-shoot pictures of loved ones, the smart portrait system is a wonderful idea. Smiles are captured every time with the smile timer and gormless closed eye shots are eradicated as there is a blink proof function. Group pictures are focused and clear as the AF face priority auto finder will focus on up to 12 people. The skin softening system will give you the smooth skin tones of a professional photographer. At the most extreme setting on the wide angle, the built-in flash will reach 5.5m.

This digital camera comes in silver, black, pink, red and blue. An metallic lacquer finish on the front with a rear in matt black plastic makes it stylish and easy to grip. The rear control panel is small enough to leave room for a textured thumb grip at the back.

A perfect camera for a small budget, it gives a good performance on the basics. It does have D-lighting, auto sort and favourite picture functions and a time zone setting. 47 MB of internal memory and a hi-speed USB connection round off the possibilities of this little gadget.

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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Gear Up With Paintball Guns

By Jason Henry

Every real sports fanatic is looking for a sport that would give them excitement. A sport that would give them the extreme adventure experience. There is a fast growing extreme sport today. It is slowly gaining fame to lots of people. Playing war games is becoming popular especially to people who wants to experience what is like being in a battlefield. The game of paintball would make its players to be in a combat zone. Basically it is a team sport with the main objective to defeat its enemy with the use of paintballs. It can be played indoors or outdoors. Mostly in the battlefield it has terrains which the players can use for their winning strategy. Playing the game of paintball requires a lot of gears and equipments. And one important gear in playing paintball is for you to have paintball guns.

A paintball gun, likewise called paintball marker, is generally your principal weapon in order to beat the opposing team. The paintball gun must be attached with a loader. It is where the ammunitions are being placed. Paintball markers come in different types but probably the most typical will be the electric type paintball marker or what we call electro pneumatic. This will likely allow the gamers to provide a lot more chance of shooting the opponent as this kind of gun fires quickly and perfectly.

There are plenty of paintball guns that really look like the actual ones. It is necessary that the model weapon would appear as the actual ones to offer extra feeling to gamers that they actually are in a war. On the other hand, at least feels so to all of them. Picking the perfect paintball gun is significant, as it would likely ascertain your winning portion. Having high quality paintball guns indicates a lot more confidence that you are likely to do effectively. Naturally having also the best gears and full paintball equipments would surely make you a serious paintball gamer.

In choosing the ideal paintball marker, you must have to consider a lot of things. Here are a few of those:

Velocity - it is relatively essential in playing the action. Speed will kill in almost any type of sports. Also, the sport of paintball is not an exemption from this. Thus, you must choose a gun that is easy for an individual to deal with and bring. Look for guns which you are comfortable using.

Precision - naturally, one's gun must be designed for precision. You want your paintball marker to have its trigger on target although you are aiming for the opponent. Several weapons are so light that it might change your shot when you pull the trigger. Thus, it really is crucial that you test the accuracy of your gun. It is also much better in case your gun includes quickness and accuracy.

* Reliability - your gun should be able to fire at a close range or at far sight. It is also important that your gun could fire successively. Especially if you see your opponent running around. What better way to shoot him than to have a gun with massive firing ability.

Paintball guns would really change the theme of your game. If you have the appropriate gun, you can easily equal the opponent. With good methods and careful decision-making it is possible to make sure that you will be as competitive as you may be.

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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Day Trips & Activities

 Summer Camp for £49

Update: Now ANYONE in England booking tickets for Summer Camp will get them for £49 - whether they are on any kind of benefits or not. The YHA charity is trying to flog its last few remaining places so has opened the discount up to everyone. There are still places remaining but at this price they may go fast.

Unfortunately the camps are for England residents only. If you're from Scotland, Wales or N.I you may have to pay the original £299 price.

'Looked After Children' (those children who are who are in care) are excluded from this reduction and are still required to pay £299 per place.

How do I get the offer?

Application forms can be filled in online via the YHA website Do it 4 Real (click on the red 'Book Now' logo) where you can also find details of how to book over the phone.

What is Summer Camp?

An adventure-lead getaway for young people, offering activities such as watersports, football, street dance, survival and more. See the Do it 4 Real website for full details of all the different types of camp on offer.

Chester Zoo 30% off

Click 'n' print
Get 30% off admission to Chester zoo with this printable voucher.

You can use the voucher every day until Fri 16 July, just give it to the ticket office on arrival for the discount. It's only valid for one transaction, for up to four people.

The deal: 30% off. Valid: On the day. How: Print voucher. Expires: Fri 16 July. Excludes: Online bookings Offer from: Restrictions: Not valid with other offers, family tickets, concessionary, educational and group rates.

Enjoy England 2for1s, kids go free & more

Click 'n' print a voucher

Visit England’s official tourism website, Enjoy England, and you’ll find a feature that allows you to search offers on attractions and accommodation across the country by region. There are a variety of vouchers that you simply need to print out and bring with you to the attraction.

Past offers on the website have included 2for1 skating and skate hire at Bristol ice rink, and kids go free at Cadbury World.

Make sure you check the terms and conditions, exclusions and use by dates on each voucher, as whilst some are undated, others are valid for a specific period. It’s also worth checking with each attraction before you go.