Saturday, 4 December 2010

Learn to DJ -- Entertain a Crowd With Your Talent!

By Kevin James

If you want to learn to DJ, then there are a few basic things you'll need to get started. Naturally, you must have charisma, as well as a large variety of music media so you can ply your trade. The ability to listen and transition between tracks is also necessary. A few pieces of equipment will complete your gear and abilities needs, and then you will be ready for an exciting and possibly new to you career!

You can often pick up a variety of vinyl records at swap meets and such. Your collection will grow easily this way, as well as shopping at some estate sales on the weekends. There's treasure to be found -- you just have to dig it up! Some DJs are crowd pleasers and love to play what the majority of people want. Some love to entertain in their own way and will play the genre they love the most. There are DJs who can do both, and this will provide the most opportunities for you to earn money.

Some DJs use and prefer CDs over vinyl, and for CDs you don't need turntables. Most DJs prefer vinyl though and this is like learning to drive a car with a manual transmission -- if you know how, you'll never forget. Vinyl records are often a crowd pleaser, too. "Old school" methods are often the best-sounding ones. To make it in the big leagues you do have to know how to use vinyl. You'll need two turntables for vinyl, but if you choose only CDs then a tabletop turntable is fine. A lot of venues already have DJ software built in so then all you need to take is your laptop.

Your initial start up money needs to be channeled towards a couple of great turntables and mixer. Perhaps buying the turntables used (if they are high quality) and a new mixer will help you to stretch the old budget. Practice a lot. Watch other folks do their thing when they DJ. Make sure you want to pursue this interest as a career, or as a hobby. It can be expensive until you are bringing in more money and can spend some of that to improve your gear. Learn all genres of music. Make sure you know all the current hit songs. Some genres of music to check out are: Trance, House, Breakbeat, Techno, Downtempo and Hardcore.

There are different times to play different tempos. Start slow and then during mealtime, and then at the end of the evening. Jazz it up in the middle and play more serious tunes before folks eat, and afterwards. Of course, if it's a buffet, then anything goes. Just practice and you'll soon know when to play what. You don't want folks jumping around with shrimp flying off their plates, etc. Fast songs are not for weddings. Slow songs are not for kids because they'll get bored really fast. Their attention span is shorter.

Practice your charisma in front of a mirror because when you learn to DJ you need to project well and possess a great deal of charm and attraction. If you make up a few games, include all, because if the host gets left out, for instance -- sure as shooting you won't be invited back! And, a party should be fun for absolutely everyone!

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