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Fantastic Leisure Activities and Cheap Days Out

We would like to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Below we have some fantastic cheap days out and Leaisure activities you can take advantage of in the next few months.

Ripley's Believe It or Not 2 for £29Print voucher

Get two tickets for £28.80 to Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum in Piccadilly Circus, London.
Tickets are normally £22.95 each for adults and £20.95 for children, and this offer includes two Mirror Maze passes and guidebooks.
How do I get it?
Print off this Ripley's voucher and hand over at the ticket office. One voucher is valid for up to six people.
What is Ripley's Believe It or Not?
It's a museum which exhibits lots of bizarre displays (i.e. a Tower Bridge replica made from matchsticks), as well as lots of strange events and facts that are almost unbelievable.
The deal: Two tickets for £28.80. Valid: Mon-Sun. How: Print voucher. Expires: Sun 6 Feb. Excludes: Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year's Eve & Day. Offer from: Ripley's Believe It or Not. Restrictions: Six people per voucher.
Free 6 week golf beginner's courseRegister online
Get a free £60 six week golf beginner's course at four UK locations with World Of Golf, as well as a free 7 iron golf club worth around £15. The courses are available at the Glasgow, New Malden, Croydon & Sidcup centres and run from January to end of February but more dates will be added later.
To book a course, simply visit the World Of Golf booking page, select your centre and then the date you wish to start the course. The course comprises of 6 x1 hour lessons, which are to be on the same day and time every week for six consecutive weeks. You will receive an email confirming your place on the course two weeks before it is due to start.
There are over a 1,300 places for adults and 345 places for children, and it's on a first come first served basis, so it's advised you book as soon as possible. For every lesson, you'll need to hire a medium bucket of golf balls, which is £4.20-£4.50, depending on the centre.
The deal: Free 6x 1hour beginner's gold lessons at 4 UK locations. Valid: 01 Jan 2011 - late Feb '11, though more dates will be added. How: Pick a venue and book online. Expires: Mon 28 Feb, though will be extended. Excludes: N/A Offer from: World Of Golf. Restrictions: You need to hire a bucket of golf balls for every lesson. Lessons will take place on the same day each week at the times indicated for 6 consecutive weeks, unless otherwise stated. Limited to one course per customer. Subject to availability.
50% off Shakespeare housesClick 'n' print voucher
Get a 50% off ticket for The Shakespeare Houses, Stratford-Upon-Avon, with this instant click 'n' print Shakespeare's Houses voucher. The deal's available until 31 Jan 2011.
There are five different 'houses' and you can use this voucher to visit them all.
The houses include:
  • Shakespeare's Birthplace
  • Dig for Shakespeare at New Place (closed until April 2011)
  • Hall's Croft
  • Anne Hathaway's Cottage
  • Mary Arden's Farm (closed from 1 Nov - 21 March 2011)
The ticket usually costs £19.50 so this'll make it £9.75, plus it gives you unlimited entry for a year. The deal: 50% off. Valid: 12 months. How: Print voucher. Expires: Sun 31 Jan. Excludes: Family tickets. Offer from: Shakespeare's Houses & Gardens. Restrictions: Not valid with other offers.

2for1 Shakespeare HousesClick 'n' print
Get 2for1 entry into The Shakespeare Houses, Stratford-Upon-Avon, with this instant click 'n' print Shakespeare Houses voucher. The ticket'll give you unlimited entry for 12 months.The Shakespeare Houses
There are five different 'houses' and you can use this 2for1 voucher to visit them all.
The houses include:
  • Shakespeare's Birthplace
  • Dig for Shakespeare at New Place (closed until April 2011)
  • Hall's Croft
  • Anne Hathaway's Cottage
  • Mary Arden's Farm (closed from 1 Nov - 21 March 2011)
As usual, buying one full price adult ticket will get someone else in for free. An adult 'five houses' ticket usually costs £19.50, so it's a good saving if two adults attend.
The deal: 2for1 entry. Valid: On the day. How: Print voucher. Expires: Sun 31 Jan. Excludes: Family tickets, special events/exhibitions. Offer from: Shakespeare's Houses & Gardens. Restrictions: Not valid with other offers.
2for1 'Big Wheels' ticketsClick 'n' print
Get 2for1 adult tickets for 'Big Wheel' rides at Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester and Weston-super-Mare.Big Wheel
Simply print off this 2for1 voucher from and hand it to the ticket office at any of the locations. It cannot be redeemed with online ticket purchases.
The Manchester Wheel and Liverpool Wheel usually cost £7.50 at the gate for standard adult tickets, whilst Sheffield and Weston-super-Mare cost £6.50, so it's not a bad little saving. Click the links for individual opening times.
The voucher is valid till Feb 2011 for Manchester and Liverpool, Oct 2010 for Sheffield and Sept 2010 for Weston-super-Mare.
The deal: 2for1 adult tickets. Valid: On the day. How: Print voucher. Expires: Various, see above. Excludes: Online bookings. Offer from: moneysupermarket. Restrictions: Adult tickets only.
Playgolf free £10 ball credit at HarrowSign up to newsletter
Get £10 free golf ball credit at Playgolf Northwick Park (Harrow), on the driving ranges.Playgolf
Just sign up to the Playgolf Northwick newsletter to get the offer.
After registering you'll be sent an email (check your junk box) with the offer to print off and take to the ticket office to redeem.
It applies to new newsletter registrations only, and you can only use the £10 ball credit once and within a month of the email.
The offer is pretty good, as 100 balls on the driving range normally costs £7.50, meaning with this deal you'll get them free and have credit left over.
Rileys free memberships for 12-18 year oldsIn store offer
Rileys is giving out 147,000 free membersRileys free membershipships (usually £5) for 12-18 year olds to join its pool and snooker clubs.
To get the offer, just visit your local Rileys and ask for 'Ronnie's giveaway offer' (the promo's being lead by Ronnie O'Sullivan). Memberships last for one year.
There are 120 Rileys clubs throughout the UK. Find your nearest Rileys.
Free swims with Schweppes Abbey Well waterGrab selected bottle tops
Get free swims Mon-Fri at c.500 UK pools with Scwheppes Abbey Well water bottle tops.Free swims
All 500ml/750ml bottle tops are valid for the promotion. A 500ml bottle costs anything from around 40p - 70p (currently 43p at Tesco), depending on where you get it.
For your free swim, just take the bottle top (it should say Sch...wim cap on the top) to your nearest participating pool during valid free swim sessions (see below). Sportscaps on 750ml still bottles don't have Sch...wim cap on the top but are still valid for a free swim.
Each pool has its own set of T&Cs on the offer, so once you’ve selected your pool, click on 'opening times & more info' and the next page will show you what times you can swim for free at that pool.
The bottle caps are valid until 02/02/2011 and they can't be used with any other offers.
The deal: Free swims. Valid: See individual pool T&Cs. How: Hand Schweppes Abbey Mills Sch...wim cap bottle tops to ticket office. Expires: 02/02/2011. Excludes: Weekends. See individual pool T&Cs. Offer from: Schweppes. Restrictions: Mon-Fri only. See individual pool T&Cs.

Free football coaching for kidsBook online or by phone

The FA Tesco Skills Programme runs at 36 venues across England during school holidays, excluding Christmas.

You don't need to buy anything - just book online or by phone at least two days in advance. Each session lasts two hours, from 10am-12pm or 1pm-3pm, over one or two days.
Picture of football
The deal: Free football coaching. Valid: During school holidays, 5-11 year olds only. How: Find venue, book online / by phone. Expires: Ongoing. Excludes: Christmas holidays. Offer from: FA Tesco Skills. Restrictions: Subject to availability. Max. 1 session per day. Kids must be signed in by a parent / guardian.
York Castle Museum 2for1 kids go freeJust turn up!

Picture of MuseumUp to ten kids (under 16s) can go free with one paying adult at the York Castle Museum.

No need for vouchers, you just need to turn up on the day (no advance bookings available). Child entries are usually £4 so if you're lucky enough to have ten kids, then this could save you £40. Adult entry is £8.

It’s valid on the day until at least 31 Mar 2011. The offer isn't valid for organised groups. Check out the York Castle Museum site for opening times.

The deal: Up to 10 free child entries with a paying adult. Valid: On the day. How: Just turn up! Expires: 31 Mar '11. Excludes: Organised groups. Offer from: York Museum Trust. Restrictions: 16s & under must be accompanied by a paying adult. Organised groups excluded.
Yorkshire Museum 2for1 kids go free
Kids go free with one paying adult to Yorkshire Museum when it re-opens on Sun 1 Aug. Standard adult tickets cost £7.York Museum
This doesn't require any voucher, it is an offer put on by the museum after a refurbishment and will last until at least the end of the year. The child tickets used to be £4.
Children are classed as under 16.
The deal: 2for1 kids go free with paying adult. Valid: On the day. How: Just turn up. Expires: Dec 31. Excludes: Organised groups.Offer from: York Museums Trust. Restrictions: Children must be accompanied by full paying adult.

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Perfect for Xmas....Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage Champagne 2003 75cl | Tesco Wines Online

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Five Things You May Not Know About Golf

By Danielle Russell

Have you seen your golfing handicap decrease in spite of (or sometimes because) of the hard work you put into improving your game? Are your drives falling miserably short as the game of golf stresses you out instead of relaxing you? You may also be falling into a pit of quicksand as one missed putt leads to another. If you are plagued with problems like these then it is time to give your golf game a boost. The five aspects of golfing you need to work on are your flexibility, strength, endurance, nutrition, and mental toughness, and here's some interesting information on each of them.

Improving Flexibility

Is your golfing swing awkward due to the fact that you may be rushing things too much and being too eager-beaver in your actions? Be proactive when getting your muscles ready for the game - don't wait till the last minute to stretch. Avoid that stiff and awkward feeling with regular stretching. As a result, you could gain more flexibility. You only need a small investment of your time in order to see significant gains in your range of motion.

Improving Strength

When exercising away from the golf course, is strength training part of your routine? A lot of golfers make the mistake of hitting the ball as hard as they could when swinging their club. Beware, though, of the side effects of this practice. Swinging the golf club is an unnatural action, and forcing your body to do this repeatedly could cause injury. Increasing strength will enable your body to tackle the demands of the golf swing and prepare it for the action ahead.

How To Boost Endurance

Do you lose your intensity or feel tired after a few holes? If so, then focus on your endurance. For the uninitiated, golf doesn't appear to be a very strenuous game that requires a lot of endurance. Here's an interesting fact - an 18-hole course could spread out about five miles, which is a lot of walking. Incorporate some cardio into your exercise routine, about 20 to 45 minutes and 3-5 days a week.


Your body needs the proper fuel to work efficiently. And of course you wouldn't want to nosh on junk food before the game. What exactly is the proper sports diet? Athletes in any sport need to include the following foods - carbohydrates, white meat, fruits, green vegetables and at least eight glasses of water.

Building Mental Toughness

Do you get bothered at the second hole thinking about that botched drive on the first hole? You're effectively killing your golf game this way by letting one bad thing lead to another. Before swinging that golf ball, try thinking some positive thoughts instead. And that includes not being discouraged over goof-ups on the previous holes. Think of a good shot instead of fearing you might miss the next shot as well.

These are five things to take note of if you wish to see positive results in your game. It will take some time to make these activities a habit, but will be well worth the effort.

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Learn to DJ -- Entertain a Crowd With Your Talent!

By Kevin James

If you want to learn to DJ, then there are a few basic things you'll need to get started. Naturally, you must have charisma, as well as a large variety of music media so you can ply your trade. The ability to listen and transition between tracks is also necessary. A few pieces of equipment will complete your gear and abilities needs, and then you will be ready for an exciting and possibly new to you career!

You can often pick up a variety of vinyl records at swap meets and such. Your collection will grow easily this way, as well as shopping at some estate sales on the weekends. There's treasure to be found -- you just have to dig it up! Some DJs are crowd pleasers and love to play what the majority of people want. Some love to entertain in their own way and will play the genre they love the most. There are DJs who can do both, and this will provide the most opportunities for you to earn money.

Some DJs use and prefer CDs over vinyl, and for CDs you don't need turntables. Most DJs prefer vinyl though and this is like learning to drive a car with a manual transmission -- if you know how, you'll never forget. Vinyl records are often a crowd pleaser, too. "Old school" methods are often the best-sounding ones. To make it in the big leagues you do have to know how to use vinyl. You'll need two turntables for vinyl, but if you choose only CDs then a tabletop turntable is fine. A lot of venues already have DJ software built in so then all you need to take is your laptop.

Your initial start up money needs to be channeled towards a couple of great turntables and mixer. Perhaps buying the turntables used (if they are high quality) and a new mixer will help you to stretch the old budget. Practice a lot. Watch other folks do their thing when they DJ. Make sure you want to pursue this interest as a career, or as a hobby. It can be expensive until you are bringing in more money and can spend some of that to improve your gear. Learn all genres of music. Make sure you know all the current hit songs. Some genres of music to check out are: Trance, House, Breakbeat, Techno, Downtempo and Hardcore.

There are different times to play different tempos. Start slow and then during mealtime, and then at the end of the evening. Jazz it up in the middle and play more serious tunes before folks eat, and afterwards. Of course, if it's a buffet, then anything goes. Just practice and you'll soon know when to play what. You don't want folks jumping around with shrimp flying off their plates, etc. Fast songs are not for weddings. Slow songs are not for kids because they'll get bored really fast. Their attention span is shorter.

Practice your charisma in front of a mirror because when you learn to DJ you need to project well and possess a great deal of charm and attraction. If you make up a few games, include all, because if the host gets left out, for instance -- sure as shooting you won't be invited back! And, a party should be fun for absolutely everyone!

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