Thursday, 19 August 2010

Important Camping Tips

By Shannon Rodriguez

Camping trips are enjoyed by people looking to spend time outdoors, and experience nature. That's what most people are looking for, at least. Some friends of ours kept telling us how much they hated camping trips, and how they enjoy working much more than go on a trip, but twice a year, they went on their camping trips. We never knew where they went, but most lasted for several days.

You might be wondering why, and frankly, so were we. They just shrugged their shoulders when we asked them why they continued going if they hated it so much. We also asked them if we could join them, on special occasions, and see if we can't make it more fun for them. A simple "no" was all we got from them.

While shopping, I noticed their getting a large tent, telling me how important a good tent is, when camping. When I added that, although large, the tent is also quite large, and a smaller one would be just as good, they laughed and didn't mind me. Considering the number of camping trips they've gone on in the past years, I figured they knew better.

The noises that came from the hallway showed me that my friends knew indeed what they were doing. They were going up the stairs, toward the top of the building, with their tent and other camping gear.

Deciding to see where they were going, I followed them to the roof. They had everything set up there, including the large tent, [a collection of magazines, and a zune 8gb

You should have seen their reaction. They both froze and then started laughing their eyes out, as was I. They told me how this was "their" spot and how relaxing it was. We agreed to share it, and now, on special occasions, two large tents can be seen on top of our building.

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