Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Choosing A Film For That Perfect Night In

By Andy Crobb

So you are intending to spend an evening at home with your partner and want to watch a movie. With such a lot of choice on hand what movie should you choose to watch to make your evening's ideal viewing? This article is designed to aid you determine a solution to that question and give you some tips and hints that will help you make up your mind.

What Kind Of Atmosphere Do You Want?

The first thing to decide is what kind of ambiance you want to build upon or generate. Do you want to relax with something fun or would you prefer to have your thoughts provoked? Maybe you would like your pulses to speed up with a murder mystery or be frightened out of your wits with an exceptional horror movie? Or on the other hand perhaps you just want a romantic mood to prevail through a romantic comedy or a sad story?

Whatever type of DVD you choose, you should make a choice that reflects the kind of mood you would like to create.

Secondary Things To Think About

Added to the style of DVD movie, you may also want to think twice about whether you should watch a recently released picture or a remastered classic. Would you choose to watch a dvd that you have both seen in the past and really loved? If you have a favored DVD in your library which has some significant meaning to you both, it could rekindle the good memories you have about it if you were to relive them by sitting through it again.

If you are feeling like injecting a little culture into the proceedings, there are a vast number of quite brilliant foreign language films to choose from; it is possible to be entertained and have your horizons broadened at exactly the same time.

Stuck For Ideas

If you are really stuck for ideas, you could consider these ideas:

Head to a nearby DVD store and ask for a suggestion from someone who works there. Nearly all people who sell or rent DVDs are usually hugely passionate about film. You can be absolutely certain that these guys will basically be able to advise you in your DVD choice based upon the type of atmosphere you want.

Alternatively, you could potentially rustle through a DVD film review book and randomly open a page to find out what pops out at you. If you don't like the choice, you only need to open another page at random and see if anything appeals.

A final idea could be to ask your companion if there is a particular DVD that she or he would like to see, since in the end you will no doubt want them to enjoy the evening's show too!

Although possibly an apparently absurd solution to think about, figuring out your DVD choice before the fact can save you a huge quantity of time. You can take this as fact from someone who has spent literally vast periods of time on occasion trying to make what would seem to be an impossible choice!

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