Sunday, 31 October 2010

Maximize Your Party Potential, Hire Bands

By Sally Jenkins

Everybody loves a good party, this much is clear. Good parties are created through attentive planning, a fun theme, and plenty of entertainment. One of the best ways to increase the entertainment value of any occasion is to hire bands.

Bands can be hired for almost any occasion possible. There are as many types of parties as there are people throwing them! Big life events come to mind, like weddings and anniversaries, but live music is also good for smaller, less formal affairs. Birthday parties, retirement parties, and business events can all use the inspiration of good music.

A good way to choose the music for your event is to consider the people who will be attending. Young rock-n-rollers might like their music loud, while retirees may prefer a quieter sound. Some parties seem to need an exciting tempo and vibe, while others may benefit from soothing tunes. Whatever the desired effect, there is sure to be a band available to play the mood music for it.

Think about the styles of bands available for hire. There are many sizes and types to choose from. Bands can range from solo acoustic acts to chamber groups to large scale swing and orchestra acts. Some groups play music for dancing, while others play more for ambiance. Whatever you may be seeking for your fete, there is sure to be a band that specializes in that groove.

The proper music is vital to the success of a party. Certain bands have a harder edge to them, think heavy metal and hard rock, while others are more of an easy listening style like smooth jazz and classical, for example. Music can set a great tone for the listeners and should be selected with care. Music can either calm a group or excite them. Choose the proper band in order to achieve the desired effect.

Large performance halls can obviously support a big band and stage set up. But a house party may be limited in size for even a folk duo. The size of the space in which a band is to perform can be either detrimental or beneficial for all involved. For example, you wouldn't want attendees bumping into musicians while they are performing, and neither would the musicians! Also, too many musicians or instruments can overwhelm the social aspects of a party. A good balance between spaces available and musicians playing in them should be considered beforehand.

Financial considerations are always a priority when hiring performance groups. Larger groups may cost more while smaller bands could cost less. Some bands may charge by the hour, as opposed to a flat fee for the entire event. Some bands may charge extra to offset travelling and per Diem expenses. Established bands are often more costly than beginners (and the increased expense may or may not be worthwhile). Look for bands with value added appeal, like local groups or friends of friends. Ask acquaintances for referrals.

The music of your gathering may leave a lasting impression on the listeners, so consider the future of both the band and the audience. Good audience support can lead to later dates for the band, while the memories provided by good music can be long and treasured ones. This is yet another reason why employing good musicians can be so rewarding for all involved.

A good musical choice, and a great band to perform it, makes a party shine. To become a host with the most, plan to hire bands. With a bit of planning, careful consideration, and fiscal responsibility, you can make a lasting impression on your guests by proving them a soundtrack to their dreams.

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