Sunday, 16 May 2010

Free Movie Downloads Use Torrent Sharing

By George Lester

Through movie downloads, enjoying blockbusters is made more convenient. It spares you from going out of your home to rent a title or watch in the cinema. That is why millions of people worldwide opt for this convenience, made possible by the internet technology.

While there are sites on the internet where you can purchase movies, there is a way wherein you can get them for free. And it is how many net users these days get their regular dose of movies. Through torrent sharing - also called P2P or peer-to-peer file sharing - you can get blockbusters at no cost. Other file types may also be achieved through this means. They include: e-books, audio books, music, games and many more.

This works by enabling you to download small bits of files from various web sources, or users, at the same time. When downloading blockbusters, it means you are getting parts of it directly from other people's computer hard drives. Likewise, you are also sharing yours to millions of internet users worldwide.

Now let us get on with the actual downloading of film through torrent. But before you can do that, you need to download torrent application and install it on your PC. Worry not as you can easily find one on the internet, and it is for free. This application will enable you to locate files and download pieces of them from various users.

Once you have successfully installed the application, the next step is to find available films on the net. Using your favorite browser, you need to open a torrent website. It is very easy to find one. Once you have one open, look for the search bar, usually in the upper portion of the torrent website. Simply type in the title of the flick you wish to download, then click on the search button. Almost instantly, a listing of available files related to what you typed in will show up.

You will notice in the list that various movie files will show up, although having the same title. Which you will pick depends on your preference. Do you want something that's of good quality? Then pick a file with a larger size. Do you want something playable on your media player? Then pick a compatible file type.

Seeders are online users who got the files you want saved on their respective hard drives. So simple logic will tell you that the more seeders a file got, the more available pieces of that film you can download. When you pick a file that has more seeders, as indicated by the torrent website, the quicker the downloading process is. Of course it will also depend on the reliability of your internet hookup.

Once you have chosen the right file type and the highest number of seeders, it is time to download the title. Double clicking on it will fire up the torrent program you earlier installed. Clicking okay, or any other equivalent button, depending on the program, will immediately download the file.

Movie downloads usually complete in a few hours. But again depending on factors like the file size, seeders and the speed of your internet connection. You will get a prompt after the entire process is done. And you can enjoy the film right away using your computer's media player.

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