Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Matrix Was One Of The Best Movies Of The 90s

By Danielle Woodard

Released at the back end of the nineties The Matrix was one of the movies that changed the way movies were made. The cast included stars such as Keano Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Lawrence Fishbourne. The first in a trilogy, it started the journey of Neo, who was prophesized to end the war with the machines.

The directors of the movie were the Wachowski brothers, it took them about eight years for them to get a movie company to finance the movie and in the end Warner said yes. It was an excellent decision by Warner as the Matrix brand was extremely successful and financially rewarding for all.

Set far into the future in a time where the Human race has been conquered by machines, the Matrix itself is a computer program which allows the machines to control the human race whilst utilizing the thermal energy provided by the body much like a battery.

The few people free from the machines try to free as many people as they can from the matrix. They are able to 'plug' themselves back into the program and interact with people who are still trapped in the false reality.

The main character in the film is a human called Neo, at the start of the film he leads what he thinks is a normal life as a computer programmer for a reputable software company. Neo finds himself obsessed with a person called Morpheus and ideas regarding the matrix and what it is.

During the film Morpheus finds Neo and arranges a meeting, in this meeting he informs Neo that the program is in indeed real and that he can choose to leave it if he follows him or can live within it knowing the truth. Neo decides to take Morpheus up on his offer and breaks free from the matrix.

Morpheus tells Neo he is the one to save the human race and bring an end to the war with the machines. The film follows Neo on his journey to find out the truth about his destiny and the new things that he can do now that he is free from the program.

As is common place with many people who the rebels believe are 'the one' they are sent to see the Oracle, who informs Neo that Morpheus will die because of his belief in Neo and that he is not the one. Neo proceeds to save Morpheus and at that point they both start to begin to believe that he truly is the one.

Whilst they are escaping the Matrix, Neo is confronted by Agents, the controls measures of the computer program, and a battle ensues. Neo loses the first encounter and is killed, when you are killed in the virtual world you are killed in the real world for as the film puts it the body cannot live without the mind. However Neo somehow regains conciencous and is able to defeat the Agent and get out of the program with his life and Morpheus.

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