Thursday, 13 May 2010

A List Of The Best Movie Downloads Services

By Edward Bowen

Going to the video store to rent the latest movie was slowly being phased out once pay per view was brought into the home. Now, video store conglomerates are struggling to extend their product base against a rising technological tide of new entertainment media stores. The internet has made it so that you can buy any album, book, or movie when you want and how you want.

The leader in on demand movies is NetFlix which started as a subscription service that would send movies directly to your home. As time has gone on, they've recently expanded into instant movie streaming either through your computer, a playstation game system, and in the future will extend to the Wii. Entertainment is a menu and you can choose what you want to eat and where.

On demand videos stream either through your TV cable box, a digital video recorder so that you can watch later, or the internet. And like with watching movies you own, these streaming videos include all of the controls that you're used to like pausing, stopping and skipping forward and backward during a movie.

This freedom with movie downloading has been around for quite some time, but it's only been recently that the business has legitimized itself toward paying websites. There are a multitude of websites that can allow you to get movie downloads from peer to peer networks, exactly like the file sharing that has changed the music industry over the last decade. However, besides the quality of free downloaded movies being suspect, there is the increased chance of putting your computer at risk for malware. Adware or spyware can be downloaded along with the movie you choose and can slow down your computer as well as steal your personal information. Legitimate movie downloading sites offer you quality and protection.

Some of the most well known movie download sites outside of NetFlix are Apple's iTunes, Starz's Vongo, Amazon's Unbox, CinemaNow, and Movie link. The disadvantage to Apple's iTunes outstrips it's advantages which include only that you can watch your downloaded movies on one computer and your video ipod. Also, there are no rental fees, what you buy on iTunes is yours, it is like buying a movie and with prices ranging from 9.99 to 14.99 it's better to go to the store and buy the DVDs you want.

The limited places that you can view your iTunes downloaded movies along with the fact that there are no free movies, makes iTunes a niche choice for niche market.

If you know the Starz network than you know that it does not show new releases and it's download site Vongo is no exception. However, there is a good collection of movies, all available for rental for under $10 a month.

Amazon, the book selling as well as everything under the sun behemoth, has branched out into the movie downloading business with great results. Any movie you download can be viewed in multiple machines and platforms, all coupled with extremely sharp image quality. Their menu of choices also include both TV and movies for prices topping out at 3.99.

The most comprehensive site is CinemaNow which has a library of 4,000 movies including new releases, but sets itself apart by having options to subscribe, rent one at a time, buying a movie, watching some for free, and best of all, being able to burn the movies you watch onto a DVD.

MovieFlix is one of the cheapest in terms of subscribing at 7.95 a month. The image quality is not the best, and they don't have the newest movies in stock, but there's a decent collection of free movies. Whatever your needs and platforms, finding the right movie downloading site is an easy proposition.

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